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List of All North East Teams For those searching for teams Rate Topic: ***** 1 Votes

#61 User is offline   CaptainAmerica 

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Posted 01 July 2007 - 11:32 PM

HOME STATE... upstate New York
TEAM CAPTAIN... Captain America, seconded by War Machine
YEARS TOGETHER... 3 and counting
PAINTBALL TYPE... woods/rec ball
OPEN SLOTS... unlimited
NECCESARY GEAR... preferably BYO, but loaners can be arranged for a few times. Lately, we've begun to specialize in getting newbies started. We aim for fun above all else.
UNIFORM... whatever you're comfortable in, but comic book costumes are encouraged and appreciated :ghillie:
TRY-OUT OR PRACTICE DATE... e-mail or PM money has been an issue lately for us. I for one am a daddy, and kids eat monies QUICKLY and OFTEN :D


" This isn't just a war against an ARMY... Hate-Monger is waging a war of IDEAS.
And on that kind of battlefield, Captain America can be an H-Bomb. " Frank Castle

#62 User is offline   Raeven 

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Posted 03 July 2007 - 12:41 PM

TEAM NAME... PennDragons
HOME STATE... Pennsylvania
LOCALE... Lehigh Valley area +/-
TEAM CAPTAIN... DeathJester
YEARS TOGETHER... 2-3ish. Something like that. Not really keeping track.
PAINTBALL TYPE... woods/rec ball
OPEN SLOTS... again, Not really worried about it. We welcome all to play w/ or against us. If you want on the team, you have to play w/ us a few times. If you mesh well w/ everyone, you're invited to join. Honestly, though, we could use some more light rifleman types.
NECCESARY GEAR... Actual brand gear is up to you. we don't require you use 'x' named marker/whatnot. We have extras of most everything to borrow a few times but eventually you'll have to get your own. Radios are a BIG plus though.
UNIFORM... Flectarn is the main uniform. Somtimes we have some switch to blurred edge for fall/winter. An extra pattern is Crye for non WW2 scenarios.
TRY-OUT OR PRACTICE DATE... We don't set dates for try-outs. Practices are as we can get them but they consist mostly of just us running mini scenarios (not big game style) at our home fields.

Other Notes:
We've been hitting all major Skirmish USA games and, as part of the German War Machine, always go German.
We're easy going, fun loving guys, mostly in our 30's +/- w/ a few kids (teens) that are family of current members. We're not crazy hard core but we do take our playing seriously for the most part as long as we're having fun. We require an annual fee (currently $30) for all "serious" members (including officers) we use to help fund big events, team gear and media (shirts, stickers, patches, etc). You can get a hold of us through PM to me or through our myspace: myspace.com/penndragons.

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Ex-O Team Penndragon
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#63 User is offline   Festanator 

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Posted 17 July 2007 - 12:26 PM

Team Name- Everett anvils
Homestate-New York City(Staten Island)
Local Fields- Sipaintball (now under Cousins paintball), Top Gun, E-jam
Team Capatain- Dan the man
Years together- 2 years
Paintball Type- Speedball/tourny/scenario
Open slots- 2-3
Neccessary gear-Dye jersey, Mask, or phants(not at first) + ur own equipment
Uniform- None really
Tryouts- august 5th at Si paintball or pm me for more information

Sponsership is likely
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#64 User is offline   dagrapevine 

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  • Brigade Name:dagrapevine

Posted 18 July 2007 - 08:21 PM

HOME STATE: Pennsylvania
TEAM CAPTAIN: Daniel Monteleone
YEARS TOGETHER: Entering 2nd Season
PAINTBALL TYPE: Woodsball/Scenarioball
OPEN SLOTS: We are always looking for committed and honorable players
NECCESARY GEAR OR UNIFORM: Team uniform being finalized, currently anything that fits in the woods
TRY-OUT OR PRACTICE DATE: We will be hosting several games in the coming months
check the Gamelocator or go to freewebs.com/fubaronline

#65 User is offline   steeelman 

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Posted 08 August 2007 - 08:49 AM

TEAM CAPTAIN: "Blue" & "Cartmen"
PAINTBALL TYPE: Scenarioball
OPEN SLOTS: Currently we have 12 are looking for 3-5 more
NECCESARY GEAR OR UNIFORM: Your own gun and we wear JT diamond plate jerseys that we will order for all new members
TRY-OUT OR PRACTICE DATE:what ever is good for you

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#66 User is offline   shadow_772 

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Posted 13 September 2007 - 01:38 PM

TEAM NAME: New England Inferno
TEAM CAPTAIN: Shadow_772
YEARS TOGETHER: Nearly 2 years
PAINTBALL TYPE: Woods, Scenario, Tournament

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#67 User is offline   AnEchoSoldier 

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Posted 16 September 2007 - 07:26 PM

Force Recon
Sean P. Wellington (Raptus, but AnEchoSoldier here)
Brand New
Taking anyone who makes the grade or has potential
Only uniform is MARPAT Digi Woodland
Practice Dates/Try-Outs To Be Announced. Message me for them.

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#68 User is offline   dracheman 

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Posted 01 October 2007 - 12:00 AM

Team Name: Team Afterburn
Home State: western MA
Yrs together: Just formed
Paintball type: All
Open Slots: Some
Neccesary Gear/Uniform: Current Uniform is Woodland BDU's
Try-outs/ Practice: PM for info
Feel the BURN!!!!!
Team Afterburn

#69 User is offline   DeadEye93 

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Posted 12 November 2007 - 02:22 PM

Update on Bravo Company and New Team forming

TEAM NAME:Bravo Company Scenario Paintball Team

HOME STATE:Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia

TEAM CAPTAIN:Dewar Peterkin, Co captain Dave Tunick, Co Captain PJ Monica

YEARS TOGETHER: three years

PAINTBALL TYPE: scenario, woodsball

OPEN SLOTS: heavy gunner, two heavy rifleman

NECCESARY GEAR OR UNIFORM: marpat digi. some vest or podpack. no bright colored guns.

TRY-OUT OR PRACTICE DATE: Mission Masters Scenarios at Three Rivers Paintball are our tryouts. No set practice schedule. will be informed of practices when you join.

HOME FIELD: Three Rivers Paintball

OTHER INFO: Need at least a year of experience, need to be ready to be on a team (ie. go to games and practices), need to be able to follow orders

Current Record: 31 wins 7 Losses 9 ties

Our New Speedball Team

TEAM NAME: Pittsburgh Razor

HOME STATE:Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia

TEAM CAPTAIN:Dewar Peterkin, Co captain Dave Tunick

YEARS TOGETHER: same roster and experience as Bravo Company


OPEN SLOTS: two, snake already taken, sorry

NECCESARY GEAR OR UNIFORM: no colors but blue, white, or black, need to be prepared to buy our jersey for 65 dollars.

TRY-OUT OR PRACTICE DATE: not sure yet, contact me if interested

HOME FIELD: Three Rivers Paintball, all american paintball, paintball world

OTHER INFO: Need at least a year of experience, need to be ready to be on a team (ie. go to games and practices), need to be able to follow orders, need to be skilled and have a speedball gun, preferrably high end, but ions will be ok

Current Record: ----
Total Resistance Scenario Paintball. Sponsored by Mission Masters.
http://www.trpb.net http://www.missionmasters.com
You gas up the marker, put on the gloves, strap on the mask, and walk onto the field.. it doesn't matter that you failed a test, or that you didnt get the girl... your world is right for the next couple hours, this is your heaven on earth... live it... love it.

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#70 User is offline   Joint Fury Balz 

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Posted 12 November 2007 - 02:46 PM


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#71 User is offline   Suby One Eye 

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Posted 29 November 2007 - 09:28 AM

Team Name: The Fighting Amish
Team Location: Lancaster/Berks Counties of Pennslyvania
Team Captain: Suby One Eye
Contact Information:the_fighting_amish_pa@yahoo.com

Looking for Woodsball and Sceneario Players.
We attend large sceneario games in Pennslyvania and Maryland.
We also have mny local games.
Support our Local Paintball Shop Velocity Paintball in Ephrata Pa.

#72 User is offline   TOMMY GUN 13 

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Posted 05 December 2007 - 02:03 PM

My team and I have been undeciseive on a name. We narrowed down the choices, and we need help picking.
Here are the choices:
1. Birds Of Prey
2. Easy Company
3. Spartans
4. Screaming Ealges
5. Wolfpack
6. Hitmen
7. Gladiators
If you could help us out please do.

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#73 User is offline   TOMMY GUN 13 

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  • Brigade Name:IRONMAN13

Posted 15 December 2007 - 08:00 PM

TEAM NAME: Pine Grove Predators
HOME STATE: Pennsylvania
YEARS TOGETHER: Just started
OPEN SLOTS: As many as we want
TRY-OUT OR PRACTICE DATE: WE usually play on sunday.

If We Cant Do It, It Doesnt Need To Be Done!

#74 User is offline   washburn647 

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Posted 20 December 2007 - 05:18 PM

TEAM NAME: Red Dawn Paintball
TEAM CAPTAIN: Washburn647
OPEN SLOTS: unlimited
TRY-OUT OR PRACTICE DATE: PM to arrange a date
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#75 User is offline   MaxG 

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Posted 27 December 2007 - 03:36 PM

Team Name: Maxg and the legends of hudson valley
Home state: New York
Team Captain:Maxglegends
Years together:3
Paintball Type:All
Open Slots:Open to how many people want to try out depends really
Neccasary gear:Good Camo (all your camo paterns match) and the all the basic equiptment a vest or a good pod pack a good or amazing gun and more
Try-out or practice date: Practice is at local field tryouts PM me and i can set a time at team members house who has a lot of property or a tryout at the local field
Check it out at
email Maxglegends@yahoo.com
Its max.

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