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Posted 04 September 2013 - 06:19 AM

Commanders How To Act,

Show complete confidence in all your decisions on and off the field, stay strong to the end no matter what as long as the Commander has hope his men and his team have hope, Always keep an open mind anything can change in a flash, have confidence and trust in your men and they will return it, Never panic in tight or hot situation keep a cool mind and think straight and clear ( its up to you to save your guys and get them out of there), If your not willing to do it don’t think your guys will be willing either, Always look for a better way to do something, Change stuff up so all your guys know what to do in certain positions, be a true leader ( that means some times you have to run out first in front of your guys and lead the charge), Show pride in your team, and I would say most of all be a
friend/Brother to your men ( a friend will fight with you, a brother will do anything to help you even die beside you and he will never let you stand alone, he will even take your place and let you get away so he dies but he knows that since his brother/commander got away the team still has a chance).

The Commander position is a very high honor for anyone to have, word of advice never abuse it, remember its not granted its earned through respect and leadership and only with respect will you maintain it.

Starting from the Basic Thoughts:

Your Team:

-People or teams either think their good or they don’t care.
-A Commander assumes each of his guys trust each other without testing that idea.
-A team assumes everyone gets along because they all want to play the game.
-Some players think they are the best because they have the best gear.
-Some players are temperamental and can be quick to anger.
You need to know who they are.

Other Teams:

-Almost any other team wants to challenge your team. Be prepared for pitched rivalries!
-Some teams will bad-mouth your guys and your team even if you have beaten them.

Commanding/ Command Structure:

-Commander, make sure that when you speak, everyone learns that it means, “Stop talking and listen!”
-Commander, set up a good Command Structure as fast as you can.
Every team has a couple of guys who think they are second in charge for one reason or another. Let them know that you are all equal.

-Commander, watch your guys! Keep an open eye for their individual talents. Each member will be good at something.
-Commander, when picking a 2IC/NCO pick very carefully. Everyone on the team is going to have to respect and listen to that person at some point no questions asked.

-Commander, in your position, you call the shots, make aware to your guys that some times they are going to have to fulfill rolls and positions they don’t like or want to do but it is beneficiary to the whole team to play that roll when ask or told to without complaining or asking, “Why me?”

Commanders must learn that just because someone is family or their best friend that it doesn't mean that person should get any special rank or treatment. They will earn their way like the rest of the team. You wouldn't turn down your best 2IC because a family member or friend wanted the position. Those people know it’s a team and how it works: If you’re good and deserving, you get better position. If your not, then you just get to play. Simple.

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Posted 07 September 2013 - 08:13 PM

Reading your post....Could you give an example of your leadership experence in real life?
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