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Posted 25 March 2013 - 08:51 AM

Hello everyone! My Name is Hank and I am not completely new to paintball but I am not a veteran either. After my first match, I purchased a Tippmann Project Salvo and I love the marker. It shoots great and is very dependable. After the first match with the Salvo, I knew I wanted to upgrade some things on it. I started by purchasing a red dot sight, nothing fancy but it works. After our last match, I finally decided to go with HPA instead of CO2. I read a lot peoples opinions and they all said it a worth while upgrade. In addition, I upgraded to the Tippmann Cyclone feed system which works really well. I have a few questions concerning these upgrades I have made:
  • Can having my gun's FPS set too high break the paintball in the marker?
  • Does HPA work well with a air supply line?(coiled)
  • Does anyone have experience with this setup? What are your results?

I ask the first question because after install the HPA system, I broke the first paintball fired. I am assuming this is because I haven't set the FPS correctly. ( I do this before playing, but we haven't played since I bought the HPA system or the cyclone) The balls are breaking in the barrel and not in the cyclone, which is what I feared had happened. The paint is not in the feeder, but is smeared down the barrel and up against the "firing pin".

I asked the second question because when I tested it with the supply line, the "firing pin" would not reset for semi-auto fire. It's like it wasn't getting the air needed to reset it. It worked great with CO2, but it says it should work for both HPA and CO2.

In conclusion, I'll describe my complete setup:


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Posted 25 March 2013 - 09:38 AM

Welcome to the forums!

1. Yes, too high of a velocity can break paint, though it also depends on the paint you are using too. The higher the grade of paint, the thinner the shell, the more likely a break in the marker. Now this doesn't mean buy cheap paint to prevent a break. this means set your velocity to a proper level. Base line safety standard is 300 fps, though some commercial fields require a lower velocity, usually 280 fps,

2. Lots of folks use HPA and a remote line. CO2 generally has no regulator on the tank and supplies between 800 and 900 psi. This can spike if liquid CO2 gets in the marker, expansion chambers and remote lines can help reduce the problems but isn't 100%. HPA tanks have regulators on them to help control the air flow. If it's not set right, not enough air gets to the marker, or too high of a pressure does. Both cause problems. Too low is fine but annoying. Too high can blow seals and o-rings.

3. as I said, lots of people use this sort of thing with great results. But everyone is different. Some feel like the remote line causes problems switching to your off hand, or that it snags in branches. Personally I don't use it. I prefer to play pump and use 12g, maybe a 3oz CO2 tank.

As for reason 1, how did you connect the HPA tank to the marker? Directly? If so that could be why reason 2 is happening. Too high of a pressure through the maker the first time may have blown some o-rings. There are 4 large o-rings and one small one (located in the valve) which could have been damaged. If they are, then leaking air might not be allowing enough pressure to build for semi-auto.
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