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Robin Hood Sherwood wars 2: Time Warp/ Sherrifs Revenge A TBS Scenario Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 30 August 2010 - 09:12 PM

Come Join Team Blacksheep October 22 and 23rd for our second annual Robin Hood scenario game! Join me, Bruce, the descendant of the Sheriff of Nottingham and the Royal Guards to defeat the scourge that is Robin "s0cks" Hood and his "merry men". Together we will re-write history and surely bring victory to out illustrious Prince John! With your help we will destroy the bandits that plague our fair Nottingham and steal from our Monarch, Prince John! Join the Royal Guards and assure yourself VICTORY!

Robin Hood Sherwood wars 2


Friday Night Game “Time Warp”:
It is present day, and you are enjoying a friendly night game when Bruce (Team Black Sheep, Ancestor of the infamous Sheriff of Nottingham) activates a “time warp Ball”. You see Bruce has found out that his team mate “Socks” is the ancestor of Robin Hood, and He wants to re-write history and capture Robin Hood, bringing victory for Prince John. He is taking Socks, and you, to the past, to help with his evil plan! What he doesn’t know, is all of your ancestors take your place in the present! You have only two hours to find the combination to unlock the Ballistic Cube that is securing the control box for the Time Warp Ball. You must find it in the Dark, and while fighting against Bruce and his not so merry men! Use your time wisely and collect props that might help you in the Past, just in case you don’t find that combination.

Saturday Game “Sheriff’s Revenge”:
It is the 12th Century AD in a little place in Nottingham known as Sherwood Forest. Bruce wakes up in the Royal fort of The province of Nottingham! As he looks in the mirror, he sees his face, but is dressed in the Sheriff’s uniform… “It Worked” he shouts with excitement. Bruce wastes no time in putting his plans into motion, he has planned for this day for a very LONG time. He will reign over the people, force them to pay higher taxes and, create his own strict laws. The people of Nottingham will bend to his will; Especially with Socks in Robin Hood’s shoes!

At the same time, in a thick forest not to far away, Socks wakes up on a grass mat. As he looks at his reflection in a shinny cooking pot he shouts “Noooooo, Bruce you suck!”. You see Socks can see his face, but he is dressed in the clothing of Robin Hood, a local yeoman. As he collects himself, he looks around at the men and women who have rallied around him at his shout. Socks smiles as he finds his friends in the clothes of Robin Hoods Merry Men! Socks wastes no time, in issuing New orders to his militia. He will Beat Bruce, and when he finds the Time Warp Ball, and activates, he is going to make Bruce Pay when they get home!

Bruce wasn’t totally crazy, he programmed the Ball to return at 3pm on Saturday the 23rd and warp everyone back to their proper place in time; However Bruce forgot where!

Bruce and the “Royal Guards” must suck the province dry of all it’s gold, before the Ball re-appears, and Have it in there safe, in the fort, before Bruce is Time warped!

Socks and his “Merry Men” must endeavor to not only foil Bruce’s plan, but to steal the gold already in the safe, and return it to the peoples bank in Nottingham before the main time warp!

In the chaos and upheaval of the time warp, the control box was separated from the Time warp Ball! It will reappear somewhere in the realm at 2:30pm. If Socks can find the box, he can activate the ball at 3:00pm, sending only Bruce back, a full hour early, and 100 gold coins!

Entry: 35.00 til 9/30
40.00 til 10/7
45.00 after 10/7

Paint: Field Paint Only
40.00, 50.00, 60.00 Pre-Register
45.00, 55.00, 65.00 Regular

> Friday 22nd:
> 4:00 pm Registration opens
> 5:30 pm BBQ starts
> 6:30 pm Night game/Safety Briefing
> 7:00 pm Night game starts
> 10:00 pm Night game ends for point
> Players can play until they tired, but just for fun, no gold can be earned.
> Saturday 23rd:
> 7:00 am Pancake Breakfast
> 7:00 am Registration opens
> 8:30 am Safety/Game Briefing
> 9:00 am Game on
> 12:00 pm Lunch Stand Down
> 1:00 pm Safety/Game Briefing
> 3:00 pm Time Warp Ball is in Play
> 3:30 pm Armies can start depositing gold in Peoples Bank of Nottingham for scoring
> 4:00 pm Game End whistle. Any gold not in the Neutral zone in front of Bank of Nottingham can not be counted toward
> final score.
> 4:30 pm Awards start in front of action shack
> 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Open play for campers or those who want to stay
> 8:00 pm End open play whistle. All shooting must stop. Park is closed for this event, except for any campers

Main Game Buildings:
“Fort FTP”: Bruce and the Royal Guards will start out at Fort FTP which is “supposed” to protect Nottingham. The Fort will be their base of operations for the entire game. Their safe can not be moved.

“Hideout”: Socks and his Merry Men are transient. Their original Hideout will start in the Upper Forest at a location to be determined by Socks, and will shown to the Merry Men at “Game On”.

Peoples Bank of Nottingham: This neutral office will be run by staff. This is a safe place for players to make change, cash in nuggets, hold auctions and make deals. This Safe Free Zone and building is located at the end of Range, next to “Game Bridge” Generals can not be captured while in the bank, players can not be killed while in the bank.

The Peoples Court: Established by the King himself, to offer a Fair voice for the people, The honorable Judge Lila will view all cases and asses Fines accordingly. To appear before the Judge you must have a Warrant or Summons. Court fees will vary from case to case, and are final once assessed, Only the King can over Rule the Judge.

Bruce/Socks captured: If Bruce or Socks are captured, there will be no gold awarded for the capture; however the captured may be led to the bank of the people of Nottingham (located in ASC field) where they may ransomed by the Peoples Bank for gold, less the bank fees. If the Ransom is not paid within 30 minutes, the captured General will be considered dead, and must re-insert. Taxes can be earned only at 1 Tax zone while a General is “In custody”

Gold is found in 4 forms, Coin, Bars, nuggets & Certificates.

Coin: this is the smallest denomination available, and can be earned, traded and even found wherever people live, travel and walk. This is the most common form as it can carried in many ways.

Bars: One bar represents sixty (60) coins. Bars can be obtained from the Neutral Peoples Bank of Nottingham, and are used for larger transactions. Most normal people do not carry Bars as they are heavy must be carried in special cases. A satchel can carry up to five bars. A crate can carry up twenty bars, and must be transported with two people. A treasure chest can carry up to fifty bars and can only be transported with a horse.

Nuggets: Each nugget has a serial number. Bankers at the Peoples Bank know how much each nugget is worth. Nuggets can be found in Mine’s, safes, treasure chests, and on the ground. One person can carry up to four (4) nuggets. Five (5) to Ten (10) nuggets can be carried in a satchel. eleven (11) or more Nuggets can be put in a crate or treasure chest, as many as will fit.

All gold must be turned into the Peoples Bank no later than 3:59pm. Gold not turned in before 4:00pm will not count.

Transporting Gold
Satchel: There are lots of satchels to be found around the field. They are OD Green and have the Action Acres logo on them as well as numbers. Any player can carry or open a satchel.

Crates: Crates are wooden boxes with two handles, that must be carried by two players. Any player can carry or open crates.

Treasure Chests: Only a horse can carry a Treasure Chest. A chest must be locked before transport.. For a fee you can buy a lock pick in any town. Just find a certified Black Smith. Or you can find the key by following the clues on the chest. Each Chest is numbered. If a chest is unlocked, anyone can claim it. Simply guard the chest and send a runner to purchase a lock from the Peoples Bank (you will need the chest number). If a chest is found unlocked, the contents are free to anyone claiming it. Just follow the carrying rules for each prop.

Safes: A safe has a combination lock and is numbered. The only safe that can not be robbed, is the Peoples Bank of Nottingham. The only two safes that can not be moved are the Peoples Bank of Nottingham & the Sheriff’s safe. Two horses and a travel permit are required to moved a safe. A safe can only be picked if it is in the pickers home base, and you have a certified black smith present who is willing to pick it.

Besides Mining, and Robbery, Sales, Mines and Hidden Treasures “Taxes” is the only other way to earn gold in the realm.

There are five Tax Zones identified by a Flag pole with a Blue and Green Flag. To be in control of the zone, the flag of your team must be at the top of the flag pole. To collect Taxes, you must have one of your countrymen within 10 feet of the Flag.

Flags zones can not be moved, and are in play from game on, until the whistle.

A raised Flag that does not have any countrymen within its playing area for more than twenty minutes becomes neutral.

Each Tax Zone pays 1 gold coin per minute, (1 Bar per hour) when the flag is up, and at least one countryman of that flag is within 10 feet of the flag.

Tax is tallied by a referee, so be sure to make sure a referee sees that you are in the tax zone, and marks your voucher.

Earnings can be collected once per hour from the Peoples Bank. Earnings not claimed after two hours are returned to the people, minus a fee of course. A General must produce a Voucher to the bank in order to collect taxes.

Taxes can ONLY be collected by the General.

No taxes can be earned after 3:30pm

No taxes can be collected after 3:35pm.

Since the goal of the game is extremely simple; The side that has the most gold wins. The generals can set their own missions.

Special Tools:
These props are tools that Generals can use to gain an advantage against the other. They will be dropped at random times, and locations during the entire game. Of course the Treasure of the Peoples Bank is not above selling information!

Control Box: The Time Warp Ball Control Box, can allow Socks to send only Bruce back to the present day, stopping his team from collecting Taxes.

Special Scrolls:
Each scroll is contained in a special Pod. A scroll is in Play when it is placed against a flag pole unless otherwise stated. Props that are leaning against, or touching a flag pole are “In Play” and can only be moved by a ref, under the proper conditions.

Tax Multiplier: This scroll will give the controlling force an increase in tax collected, until that Tax Zone is lost. The scroll must be given to a Ref, who will verify the scroll is valid, and then put it into play. Should you lose a tax zone with a multiplier in use, you will lose that scroll.

Tax Reversal: This scroll pays taxes earned to the opposing team, once the flag is changed. (Flag is neutral, Green turns the flag, Blue gets the taxes. Blue holds flag, Green takes over flag and turns it, Blue gets the taxes) can only be placed at a Neutral Flag, on as a countermeasure on your own flag. This is a great booby trap tool. This scroll stays “In Play” until that flag goes neutral. The Scroll is then returned to The Peoples Bank for redistribution.

Treasure Map: There where lots of highway men and robbers in this time of history. Each map will lead to a treasure of some sort.

Arrest Warrant: This Scroll is used to arrest a Character only. They come Blank, Simply fill in the Characters name, and hire the Sheriff to read the warrant. Once the Warrant is read, if the Character is within fifteen feet of the reading, He or She must go neutral, and head to the Peoples Court for Trial. An arrest Warrant can only be read by the Sheriff, who of course must be paid. Each Warrant can be read in only two locations, it then becomes invalid.

Summons: This scroll is used to summon any player on the field to appear before the judge. Appearance is NOT mandatory, however fines can be levied against your team, so it is always best to appear before the Judge. Simply hand the scroll to the player you wish to battle it out in court with.

Note: Be sure you have collected the evidence necessary to take a player to court. If the Judge finds that you do not have the required proof, your team may be assessed a fine, plus the court fees.

Travel Permit: This scroll entitles the bearer to travel across any highway, or waterway duty free.

Build Permit: This Scroll entitles the bearer to build within their Home Base, or a zone they control.

Mobile Convent: This scroll entitles the bearer to operate a Mobile Convent within a zone controlled by the bearer’s team. While in operation, players can “Re-spawn” at the convent.

Stable House: This scroll entitles the bearer to operate a Stable House within a zone controlled by the bearer’s team. While in Operation, a Horse can “Re-Spawn” at this Stable.


Horses: You must have a “Horse Card” and the special shield to operate a horse. A horse requires two players; one to be the horse and the other to be the rider. The horse must hold the shield up at all times, and can only be killed with a head shot. The rider must keep one hand on the horse at all times. A horse is not complete without its rider. If the rider is shot, he must let go of the horse, the horse can then proceed on and pick up any rider. If the horse is shot you must drop the shield where you are shot and proceed to your dead box. Any player with a Horse Card can pick up the horse where it is dropped. Horse cards are purchased from the Peoples Bank of Nottingham, and can not be transferred from player to player.


All field rules apply.

Any hit larger than a quarter anywhere on your body or equipment, including the gun/marker is considered an elimination; Walk to your nearest re-spawn point, clean the paint shot off and return to the game.

Once, you are hit, raise your gun/marker and call yourself out.

All swords, battle axes or poles must be approved by Action Acres Staff before the event. Any caught using a unapproved prop will be escorted off the field, and may be asked to leave the event.

Sword fights & pole duals are allowed providing a referee or field staff can go Neutral and witness the dual. If an arm or leg is hit, that arm or leg can not be used, the injured can take an elimination or fight on. Any hit to the body core is an elimination. All duals are best out of three and must be completed at the time called out, and only on the field.

Any contact with a battle axe on the body core is considered an elimination. If you are touched with a battle axe anywhere on your body core, do not argue, just go re-spawn.

Once you are eliminated, you must drop any, and all props where you die, with the exception of 5 gold coins. Just drop the props before you move away. If you are caught not dropping the props, your team will be fined 100 Gold Coins.

Gold wins the game. You can rob, steal, and find treasure a plenty.

When the game is called at the end of the day, all players must put on their barrel socks and exit the field. The Generals will meet with the Refs at the Peoples Bank, Fines will be assessed, and the total score tallied while players gather in front of the Action Shack for Awards, and a Game wrap up.

Award Ceremony:
The Award Ceremony will begin at 4:30 PM. There will be various awards given out including MVP, MVT, Victory Awards for the winning side’s General and XO, Costume Contest Winner.

Field clean up:
After the Awards Ceremony. Players who remain on field after 5:15 PM do so at the risk of volunteering to help clean up!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!

After Game Hangout & Play:

At 6:00 pm LJ will host the After game free play until 8:00 pm. LJ is hosting the campers, all shooting stops at 8:00 pm, however you are welcome to hang out as long as you want, weather permitting we will have a fire pit.

Action Acres
10381 S. Mulino Rd
Canby, Oregon

Contact Us

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Posted 30 August 2010 - 09:34 PM

Can't wait to see Little John....................Marcus :)

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Posted 05 September 2010 - 12:44 AM

Its going to be an awesome event, excited for the night game. Event Flier
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Posted 13 October 2010 - 04:28 PM

It's two games in one: night game w/Time Warp and full 'nother day game w/Robin Hood!

Remember, the proceeds go to benefit BOTH PbLive and Team BlackSheep.

You get two great games AND to help out a great show AND help a great team all in one!
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Posted 18 October 2010 - 09:33 PM

Only a few days left! its going to be great!!
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