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Paint grenade tech and how to fix commercial grenades

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Posted 13 June 2010 - 09:52 PM

Here's some tips on making your own grenades.

There are alot of ways to force paint into latex tubing. Here's a few and the pros and cons of each.

1. The spray bottle pump. This technique is a pain and takes way too long. Don't waste your time.

2. The big plastic syringe. This method works but gets old really fast especially if you're making alot of grenades. It can also be difficult to fill thick walled tubing.

3. The pesticide sprayer. This method works pretty good. Some models may restrict the flow of thicker paint fills so you may have to modify the spray nozzle. You also have to pump them up which isn't a big deal unless you're making 50 or more grenades. You may get tired of pumping them. Otherwise this is a great cheap way to fill grenades.

4. The homemade PVC filling tank. These are cheap and easy to make and work great. Just be sure to use at least SCH 40 PVC and use the primer and the cement correctly. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU INSTALL A SAFETY POP-OFF VALVE ON THESE!!! The pop-off valve should be rated at 100 PSI or less. These can be made out of 4" PVC pipe and as big as you want to hold as much paint as you need. Great idea for people making ALOT of grenades.

5. Fire extinguisher filling tank. I've made several of these. Very easy to make and you don't have to worry about the air pressure damaging it. You just need a used, empty fire extinguisher. Wash it out, install a schrader valve, cut off the hose and install a barbed fitting into the hose and you're done. The bigger the extinguisher the more paint fill it will hold.

5. Custom made fill machines. These are great if you have the ability to make it yourself. You can design it to you own specs which is nice. My family owns a machine shop so making one was pretty quick and easy and didn't cost much at all.

6. There's ALOT of other types of fill machines. paint spray rigs etc. I've just listed the basic types. There's no wrong way to fill grenades. If what you use works then keep using it.

OK, here's a few helpful tips.

DON'T USE METAL PARTS ON YOUR GRENADES. Most fields are banning any metal parts on grenades. Mainly because
they're sick of metal pull-pins lying all over thier field. Metal pull-pins can stick a player on the field and they can also cause flats on the quads some field employees use to get around on the field. The metal washers can cut you too if you slide across them just right. I've actually seen some people use nails as pull-pins. lol. Bad idea.

So what should you use instead of metal pull-pins. Here's something I came up with. Weed trimmer line. That's right, orange, round shaped, weed trimmer line. Loop one end around and tuck it up under the fold in the tubing. Works great and can't hurt anybody.

Instead of using metal washers for the trigger rings, use pipe. Either PVC pipe, PEX pipe, or any other similar plastic pipe. You can buy an 8' piece for about $2.00 or less and cut it up into several hundred rings and be set for a LONG time. You can also cut it any thickness you want. The only problem is finding a good way to cut it up. A bandsaw works great. I have a custom made saw just for this purpose. The type and size of pipe you use depends on what size latex tubing you're using.

Don't buy your latex tubing at Home Depot or Lowes. Buy it online to save money. I'm not going to give out my source but if you do some research there are some REALLY low prices out there for any size latex tubing you want. The thicker the wall on the tubing the more force it will spray the paint out with.

For a clamp use a pair of hemostats. You can get hemostats anywhere that sells fishing supplies. They will be called fisherman's forceps but they are just hemostats.


Tippmann Squadbuster-
Most commercial grenades have slight design flaws that are easily fixed. The worst offender has to be the Tippmann Squadbuster. lol. The problem is, they shove the BBs too far down into the tubing. To fix this, take off the cap, clamp off the tubing with hemostats, use a pair off needle nose pliers to move the BBs closer to the end of the tubing. Get them about 1/4" from the end of the tubing. Then put the cap and pin back on. Just pinch the tubing with the pliers, right behind the BB, and slowly move it.

Tippmann Big Boy-
Paint grenades need to have a replaceable safety. Most of them do except for the Tippmann Big Boy. They use shrink wrap as the safety. Terrible design. To fix this. Cut a piece of 3/4" PVC pipe 1/4" long and a piece of orange weed trimmer line 4" long. Remove the shrink wrap. Carefully clamp off the tubing under the rolled up trigger. Remove the rubber band and straighten out the tubing. Bend it over right at the grenade and slip the PVC ring over it, then slip the orange weed trimmer line pull-pin through the fold to keep the ring on. Now cut off the excess tubing.

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Posted 13 June 2010 - 10:58 PM

Awesome! Fill in with visuals (pictures and drawings) and you've got one fantastic article!
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