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TM-15 Vs. X7 What should I buy? Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 20 May 2010 - 05:44 AM

View Postsousey, on May 18 2010, 08:41 AM, said:

Can I renew this thread with the both the TM15 and the Phenom being out for a while...

Phenom vs TM15?

What I'm thinking:
  • running HPA
  • an electric, RipClip or Qloader on the TM15
Some Question:
  • is the cyclone on the Phenom same performance as previous?
  • The one thing that really stands out to me is the "Semi Auto Mechanical" on the Phenom ...would this be the deciding factor for many? HOWEVER the battery in the mag looks very simple to change out rather quickly.

Sure we can start this one up again. I don't mind.

To answer your questions, the Cyclone on the Phenom is slightly different than previous versions though the parts are compatable with existing A5/X7 cyclone parts. The feed rate isn't any different but the paddles are shaped slightly differently to be gentler an paint. I have had zero cyclone problems with my Phenom so far and am quite satisfied.

The Mechanical Semi-Auto was a deciding factor for me. I like the idea of not depending on batteries for any parts of the gun. In fact, the Phenom is my first electronic marker ever, despite over 15 years in the sport and owning many guns over the years. I have shot various electros but never owned any till now. The trigger pull on mech-semi is quite light compared to Tippmann's other guns too. It is very soft and smooth.

The battery on the Phenom is in the grip, not the mag (as the TM-15 has it), but is still quite easy to reach. Either gun can swap batteries quite easily.

I also found the Phenom stock barrel to shoot very well right out of the box. It goes straight and if you get a break, you can shoot it clean very easily.

A few months back I had the TM-15 vs Phenom debate and went with the Phenom. My reasons included the Mech Semi-Auto, Cyclone, reliability (I've read about many TM15 solonoid issues, some even after removing the factory lube), and price.

If I were to go TM-15 I would have wanted the Rip Clip (so I could use a Tac-Cap and my 50 rnd pods) which needed the Mic Mod at the time (the new TM friendly Rip Clip wasn't out yet). The cost of a Rip Clip (or any other high feed rate hopper) on top of the already $60+ price tag over the Phenom was pricing the TM-15 out of my range. I have a baby on the way and I'd rather spend my limited funds playing.

If money were no option to me (and I don't know how your finances are), I'd get both. But bang for buck, I'd say the Phenom gives you similar performance in a less expensive package out of the box.

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