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PBMafia Wrist Harness

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Posted 21 May 2009 - 05:30 PM

Since I couldn't find a single review on this, I decided to make my own. Will add pictures when I get around to it.

First Impressions:
When I first grabbed it out off the bag it was sent in, I thought, "This looks cheaplyl made". It turns out, that just because it looks cheap, doesn't mean it is. The harness feels tough and sturdy, I doubt it could rip or break easily.

Wearing it:
I have a thin wrist. That makes it difficult for a lot of things to fit on my wrist, such as watches or wristbands. This particular piece of equipment, when I first put it on, was loose. That's when I discovered that the velco strap itself is elastic, so I am able to pull it tight over my wrist. I can get it tight enough that it actually cuts off my circulation, which is definitely tighter then I need, so I'm sure someone with smaller wrists then mine can wear it easily. It sits comfortably on my arm, when adjusted correctly, I'll actually forget I'm wearing it. There's a few milimeters of padding on the back of the harness where it attaches to your wrist, so if you ever get shot in the harness, it won't hurt much, if not at all.

Putting in tubes:
I bought the capless harness, which means I am able to put in tubes without the caps on, which is supposed to let me refill later. While I haven't played with it yet, I won't give an opinion on how it should work out. Putting in the tubes was harder then it should have been, the first time. The second time I tried to put in the tubes, after having put them in before, was much easier. I suppose the threading had to stretch out before it would let tubes get in quickly. If I have to put the tube back in quickly in the middle of a game, I can just put the rounded end of the tube in and slide it inside easily.

Pregame score: 8/10
My first impressions of the harness were low when I could actually handle it, but after playing around with it for a few minutes, I found minute details that make using it much easier. The lightness of the harness is a massive plus, and having it on my wrist means I can keep my torso clear and flexible.

--Game review coming next time I play--

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