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bob longs mil sim marker...M Tac Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 21 February 2009 - 01:01 AM

Just purchased the marker two days agofrom Cousins pro shop and have put 2000 rounds through it. They sold it with a commando stock modded on it, very nice touch guys!

Heres my rundown thus far,

Its weight is medium to heavy, but if you can hold an X7 fine then your ok...just get a gun strap. I put the dye rotor on it but it blocks most of the top rail for any modification. This means I have to either get a raised feedneck, get a scope offset, or modify a ripclip somehow..so it kinda lost some points there (notice the pictures with mods on top rail do not have a hopper on it...I recommend observation trainning soldier!).

The feel and comfort of the M-Tac is very nice and balenced, especially when you pull that trigger. It shoots nice and straight at 28 BPS and is LOUD!!!! This thing sounds mean like an M4, definatly not for those that care about being consealed for long.

I would suggest this gun for anyone who wants to be their teams "SAW" gunner due to the sheer amount of paint you can dump down on a fire'n lane.

Stock barrel isn't too bad, however slight problem with ultralite fans like myself, you would need to dremel out around the front a little wider to fit a ultralite back in there. Slight modification, but a modification nontheless.

My overall summery is this:

Upers: Fast, Mil-Sim Look, Accurate / straight shooting, comfort while shooting, fear factor, performance is amazing

Downers: Price, two major modifications needed for somthing this expensive is a major downside!

Overall: I love this gun and will mod it out, but I'm a little annoyed I have to mod it further to do what I want considering its cost. It does shoot better than any other mil-sim gun I've fired including the BT TM7 (I own one of those too). If you want a mil-sim gun that is higher quality than a tippy, drop your A-5's and X7's and pick up a TM7... I have my own review for that too but haven't posted it yet. Best buy in mil-sim price is definatly a TM7, if you have the cash for a M-Tac, buy it and you wont be dissapointed with its performance, but you will be dissapointed in modification (out the box anyway).

I hope this was a fair assessment of my personal use of this marker. If I were to go on PBreview I would give it an 8 of 10, that being mostly performance and some cool features, but I bought it for both performance and easy modification which is why it lost 2 points.

Good Hunting,

Cpt Blackout

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