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Ariakon Sim4 or Miltec WSG66 CQB? Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 02 April 2008 - 07:22 AM

Hi, i'm looking for a milsim M4 looking marker and have decided upon either of these two makes/models. Problem is I don't know which is better since i've had equally good reports. What I am looking for is performance, durability and above all reliability, so any suggestions/info/reports from anyone who has these markers or both would be a great help. The other thing I need to know is how economical on the gas are they (E.g how many shots do you get from a 20oz Co2/1.1ltr HPA tank?).

last thing, how do these compare to a RAP4?


ok really last thing......fresh from being delivered how much work do they need to have before being fully "combat" ready?
Can you let me know what you did for the marker to be in full working order???

Big Thanks!!!

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Posted 02 April 2008 - 11:24 PM

Can't say much about the 2 but the RAP4 Gen4 is spyder based. It is really nice and only need minor work out of the box to be in good working condition. Basically just replacing some of the valve O-rings with some harder O-rings cause the stock ones are too soft and blowout easily. Other then that, its an excellent marker:



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Posted 03 April 2008 - 12:24 AM

Having owned four Sim 4 Elites and two Armotech WG65s (probably similar to the 66 you mentioned), here is my take...

Overall, I like the WG65 much better than the Sim 4.

The WG65 feels more sturdily built, gave me almost no problems, and was very easy to take down and reassemble. Even my fiance learned how to do it quickly...thus my WG65RIS is now hers, even though I had bought her a Sim 4. One gripe I have is that the RIS piece begins to loosen up after a day of hard play, but a couple turns of a wrench and it is good as new.

The Sim 4s had almost constant problems (usually related to the junk stock bolt or o-rings) until one day I replaced the stock bolt w/a Delrin one, tore each marker down to nothing, replaced all the o-rings, put Locktite on all the threads, and lubed the heck out of it. Took hours and hours of frustrating small repairs before I got those babies working as well as the WG65 was out of the box. One Sim 4 that I had was never completely cured of its problems, no matter what I did to it. The barrel pin system stinks, I had to have a friend make me cotter-style pins to replace the stock style. The fit and finish on the grips and stock of all of my Sim 4s left a lot to be desired in all manners (sharp edges from the factory, brittle plastic, screws that never went in all the way, etc.). The barrels however were works of art, I would say the best stock barrel of any gun I've owned, and believe me I've owned plenty in 21 years of playing paintball.

One thing I must say is that Ariakon customer service was top-notch. Whenever I needed parts, they would either email me back very quickly, or take my phone call and treat me like a valued customer every time.


If you have your heart set on a Sim 4 and want the finest one you will ever see, I have my last one left, it's my best, I am thinking of selling it, it's got the e-trigger kit installed, etc etc etc...PM me if interested...

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