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The Ultimate Sniper Barrel Thread Rate Topic: ***** 1 Votes

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Posted 14 June 2005 - 10:54 AM

The purpose of this thread is to answer the very common question, "I'm a new sniper and need to buy a new barrel, what should I get?" It's not a competition between barrel A and barrel B, but to give the members that ask this question a good idea of what older, more experienced snipers shoot. There are 3 categories, one for each type of snipers. [though, to be honest, the flatline will dominate the "Longbow" section...]

1. Kits will be more accurate than a stand alone barrel. Don't bother putting kit in the name. If you believe that a Freak is more accurate than a Snapshot, then a Freak kit will be more accurate than a Snapshot kit.
2. List the company name AND the barrel name. The only exceptions to this rule is when the name of the company and barrel are the same.
3. List only barrels that you have shot, been shot by, or seen your friends shoot. Just because someone told you it was good isn't reason enough to have it recommended in this thread.
4. Include which category you are recommending this barrel for. The flatline may rule from far away, but at 30 feet, does it's loud report make it a good barrel for an ambush sniper? It's helpful to include you reasons for recommending a barrel to that position. [Sniper positions and differences can be read in this article.]

Ambush Sniper

Dye Boomstick - 2
Dye Titanium - 1
Dye Ultralite - 2
Hammerhead - 2
SmartParts Freak - 1
St!ffi - 3

Ghost Flanker

Dye Boomstick - 1
Dye Titanium - 1
Dye Ultralite - 1
Hammerhead - 2
St!ffi - 4


Dye Boomstick - 2
Dye Titanium - 1
Dye Ultralite - 1
Tippmann Flatline - 3
St!ffi - 1

ShadoAngel | My BST Feedback Thread

#2 Guest_Headshotjester_*

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Posted 17 March 2006 - 05:50 PM

I have a little add on. I have a list of all barrels I have shot on my Ion that I deem sniper worthty. Remember my Ion is pretty quiet, so some of the louder barrels still passed. Also, I have shot a Flatline, but I regret not tuning it, and testing it. I owned one in my newbie days and sold it... Oh well. Now on with the list. Oh this isn't really a in depth review even though I could make 5 pages of reviews for each barrel. So now the list:

Dye Ultralite
Dye TI Boomstick*
Dye Stainless Steel*
JJ Ceramic
JJ Edge Kit
Hammerhead Battle Stikxx Kit
Freak Kit
All Lapco Barrels*
Did not get a chance to shoot a Stiffi Kit, but if the barrel made it, why wouldn't tje kit?

Note: A "*" indicates the barrel was shiny and needs to be covered up in some parts. So I hope this helps. Myrecommendation out of all of these is the JJ Edge Kit because you get silence, EXTREME accuracy, and it's only $100 if you look on ebay, then comes the JJ Ceramic because it's just as good as the Dye barrels and only costs $35, then the Stiffi Kit if money isn't an issue because you have the lightest barrel, quietest barrel, and carbon fiber doesn't fluxuate with the weather so it is the most accurate barrel. Then of course the regular Stiffi.

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Posted 19 March 2006 - 07:41 PM

lapco barrels, you can buy in dust......

my list:
custom products 1 or 2 piece
freak kit
stiffi, stiffi kit
lapco bigshot, microshot, snapshot
j&j, edge kit, ceremic, s2
sp all american

go with cp or j&j...they run about $35 and they shoot the best (unless you want a kit) they are the best non-kit barrel $ can buy, ive shot one on all of my guns except for the mag(twistlock)

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Posted 22 March 2006 - 07:15 AM

I'm definately suggest either a JJ ceramic or a stiffi

BOth are extremely good

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Posted 22 March 2006 - 07:19 AM

The stiffi s wont mess up they re worth the money but the jj has the ceramic coating

ceramic is self cleaning

the stiffi is quieter and lighter than probably 90% of the barrels on the market

throw a "silencer" on a stiffi and you should be undetectable

so go with thos if you can't go with a kit

freaks are good but...

your decision i'm a retard if this post was usless then just ignore it

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Posted 23 March 2006 - 03:33 PM

Hamerhead BattleStixx
Hammerhead BattleStixx
BT Apex
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Posted 09 April 2006 - 07:55 PM

I highly recommend the opsgear 18" Interceptor barrel. Very accurate and very easy to clean due to no porting. Its also fluted, which helps out acutely with temperature change.

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Posted 16 April 2006 - 04:09 PM

I have a question....is there a certain barrel thread type you need to buy for the longbow because they have

those are the major types anyway


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Posted 24 April 2006 - 01:44 AM

I have only had experience with 3 barrels on my 98 Custom PRO E
Ratings are going to go 1-10 with 10 being the best or loudest report

The Stock Barrel
well everyone knows the stock barrel is mediocre at best
My Rating= 3
Report =8

CP Barrel Kit
I got a 22" tip for Battling in the Arizona shrubs and i only have the .689 back at the moment.
This Barrel is too long for efficient air use but was great in the native shrubs I was always playing in.
It's nice to get in the center of a huge bush & be able to have just the tip of your barrel outside the bush no one can hit you from outside without laying a serious ammount of paint into the bush.
As far as Report goes this is not a quiet barrel it's actually quite loud, I have installed a LAPCO FAKE SUPPRESSOR which has quieted it up alot since the gas is able to release from the barrel into the inside of the suppressor & then vent out the back barrel report was cut in half.
Lets not start a damn debate on whether the LAPCO FAKE SUPPRESSOR ACTUALLY DOES SUPPRESS BARREL REPORT Cause I know on my barrel it cut the report in half.

Score on the Custom Products 2 peice barrel kit with 22" tip = 7
Report= 7
Since Suppressor=4
I will re-evaluate once my new 16" tip and 3 other backs arrive, it may increase accuracy due to shorter barrel length less gas wasted, and being able to size a bit better.

This was my first aftermarket barrel, it made a world of difference between stock & this barrel, but in no way is my review of this barrel clouded by the increase over stock. When I first fired through this barrel I couldn't help but notice it has a somewhat low report from the muzzle break on the end, & it has release holes halfway back the barrel. Many beleive this is a rifled barrel but in fact rifling does diddly squat on a paintball. This Barrel is Channeled it has cut grooves going straight down the barrel this allows the barrel to "GRIP" the paintball slightly & keep the paintball going down the barrel straight without side spinnin or backspinning, This concept actually does work, albeit it is not a huge advantage but I'd say a 15-20% increase in consistancy & accuracy. Teamed with a red dot, this is a very deadly combo. After going to a buddies house & showing him the amazing accuracy over my stock barrel we compared it to his smart parts progressive 16" & his LAPCO 16" barrel & there was a noticable difference, a quite noticeable difference he was impressed so much by this barrel that he overdrafted his account to buy one so he could use it the next day in our saturday games LOL.

Score = 9
Report = 3

I really regret selling this barrel with my old 98C
probably going to pick another one up sooner or later depending on how good I tune my CP kit.

I play Ghost Flanker Sniper So a silent report is my #1 concern if I flank someone in my ghili & am say at their 7-8 o'clock & I fire & hit him & his buddies hear this loud DUMPER report & knows my position I am screwed. AT this point I don't know that I could recommend the barrels for a certain type of sniper. Obviously a Flatline is going to kickass for a longbow sniper where barrel report is not as much of an issue.
I guess a ambush sniper would only need a accurate barrel & report is not as much of an issue because if he is good at setting up & following through with a ambush the report would not matter cause he would take his targets out before being detected.

So Report would concern the Ghost Flanking Sniper the most.

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Posted 02 May 2006 - 07:54 PM

I like the jj 18" ceramic it is very quiet and accurate
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Posted 20 May 2006 - 05:38 AM

The Apex barrel should be on that list. I use mine for sniping and it's amazing.

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Posted 24 May 2006 - 01:36 PM

Check what thread the tac-one has, not the longbow
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Posted 24 May 2006 - 01:54 PM

Autococker threading.

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Posted 01 August 2006 - 03:34 PM

i havent really shot a lot of barrels, but from reading this, a lot of people reccomend a jj ceramic barrel. im prob gonna pick one up when i get paid, so ill actually be able to give a decent review. the only three barrels i have shot are the flatline for the a-5, the 14in sniper barrel by tippmann for the a-5 and a stiffi.

the sniper barrel doesnt really quiet the shot a ton, but its better than the flatline. i believe the stiffi is one of the more "quiet" barrels out there though.

just a thought though:

if the apex is so good at sniping, how loud is it? i like to play more of mix between an ambusher/ghost flanker, and i consider a good sniper barrel to be accurate and quiet. if you have too much of one, in my opinion, its not a good choice.
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Posted 31 August 2006 - 01:32 AM

Hey i currently have a Apex barrel which is unbeleiably amazing not quite the aim of some but still awsome what i think i shall do is get a adapter and put the apex tip onto another much better barrel does anyone know of the best barrel i could do this to?
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