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JCS Rockets vs. Nerf Initial Impressions

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Posted 29 July 2007 - 06:14 PM

I took out my JCS Launcher Today and Shot Nerf Vortex Rockets vs the New JCS Rockets.

This is just my impressions and not scientific in any way. I may try and get some scientific data with Distance and FPS for each shot next week.

I am going to use the term "dud" launch to include rockets that for some reason launch only 50-60% of normal Distance or come out very Wobblie.



1. Quick to Load
2. Easy to Load Straight
3. Seem a littlle more accurate
4. Less "dud" Launches.


1. Do not fight ultra tight in the JCS launcher tube.
2. Do not have quite the range of JCS Rockets

JCS Rocktes


1. Fly Farther
2. Can have a paintball in the tip to mark point of impact.
3. Fit the tube very tightly


1. More difficult to load due to tight fit
2. More difficult to load with fins straight due to tight fit and softer nature of rocket in general
3. More Dud Launches

Of the two rockets I prefer the nerf. I lbase this on the fact that they where easy to load and easy to get striaght in the tube. As a result of this they seems slightly more accurate but they definitely have a shorter range by about 10-15 yards vs the JCS. I do not prefer the JCS because they where harder to load haveing to work them in with your fingers pushing the larger tip and often seemed off center when loaded. The ones that I noticed did not have the fins lined up straight tended to come out wobbleing and as a result had limited distance. Perhaps with use I will learn how to load the JCS rockets better. I think the extra range is due to the relativley tight fit but that tight fit results in increased load time and more opperator error in getting the fins lined up correctly.

I am planning on takeing out a range finder and putting a sight on the launcher so I can do a more scientific study of this in the future. I plan to report load time, Accuracy, Distance, and % dud launches.

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Posted 24 October 2007 - 04:02 PM

I bought a JCS launcher, and got to shoot it numerous times, but only twice in my last scenario taking out 2 buildings. It is hands down the best Nerf launcher out there.....

On the other hand, my Sponsor hooked me up with 2 new F69 JCS Rockets to see if they should sell them, and i have never seen such a lousy nerf in my life.... they woble and do not go nearly as far as a nerf from what i have seen...... Stick with Nerfs my friends

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Posted 30 November 2007 - 09:27 PM

try talc

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Posted 03 September 2008 - 07:03 PM

I prefer the F-69s. They fly farther and a little straighter. But I have an advantage that makes them easier to use. My barrel is breech loading, so they load easily. They go in head first, and I rarely have trouble getting them in. If I do, I've made a push stick. The push stick is basically just a dowel that goes in the hole that runs up the center of the rocket. Maybe it's because my barrel is PVC, but I only ever have trouble loading them if they're wet or extremely worn.

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Posted 22 December 2008 - 06:35 AM

sorry to say but the F-69s do fly better and farther but they dont stand the time. I have tryed them out a few times and they always were out and fall apart.

nerf all the way I also get them at the dollor store so they coast two bucks not 5
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