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Apache Ricochet Hopper the attack hopper Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 11 May 2007 - 01:27 PM

Ok so i got this hopper that claimed to feed 20bps for $30 which is a steal because it usually costs about 80-100. It was smoke colored with a clear lid and clear strip so you can see in the hopper. So i put the hopper on and went to play,

So first off i have an ion and it feeds plenty fast.

The pros:
Great deflector
Usually fast
with the lcd it has a timer

The cons:
Bad battery life
Balls can get caught between the agitator and the wall stopping all feeding
Doesn't work with practice balls
Strange auto shutoff

When i first used it it was great but after some use the auto shutoff would sometimes shut off early (its a 20 min one). Also if you break paint in the hopper it is a paint to take apart and it increases the threat of a jam. When you put fresh batteries it feeds about 18bps, after about 2 cases it slows a little bit to about 15. My jamming problem would stop the rotation of the the arm causing my gun not to fire at all, You HAVE to have a clean inside to feed fast. The bend senor takes the pressure of a paintball to feed so light balls like Vballs wont feed. The shape is great they use it with all their hoppers i have only had 2 hopper hits in the lasy year or so one was right above the feedneck and the other one was from above on the lid. When it is clean and in the first 2 cases it works as good as an evo just lighter easier to reload. I have dove w9ith this smashed it on rocks and many other things and not one crack at all. For that i'm impressed.

This hopper is great if you have an intermediate gun and want a cheep yet sturdy and effective hopper.
If you don't want an evo, halo or a pulse. But want more speed than a tsa. I'd go for it

overall a 8/10
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Posted 30 May 2007 - 07:45 PM

(I hope its ok to just add on)

I had my first game with it, a 2 day scenario. I ran a case of paint with 0 problems through it. It kept up fine, though I admit I never pushed the speed alot. I enjoyed the weight alot, less then a pound with 2 9 volts, thats kick butt. The funny thing is, a friend who had a new halo b hopper (The obvious best hopper in paintball according to everyone on my team) had problems with it. It made me chuckle inside. Ironically, I was hit straight on on the underside where it is flat. To bad for deflection.

Really though, I got mine for under $50. Assuming you don't need to shoot over 15 bps(Do you ever?) this hopper is great.

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Posted 13 June 2007 - 02:11 PM

well i just recieved my ricochet apache LED in the mail today. i got the smoke colored one so that i would be able to see how much paint i have whenever in a game. i filled it with paintballs and let it rip. the speed at which it was going put a smile on my face and i know that i will probably never be shooting that fast. i took it out for some target practice with my 98 custom and i love it. i don't have to guess if a paintball is going to come out of the barrel any more. i'm going to try it on an ion this weekend, so i'll be able to see its true potential.

i saw it on ebay for $50 and bought it because it its fast and cheap.

-seems to be pretty sturdy [more than any other hopper that i've used].
-deflection [i'll see about this this weekend because i always get at least 3 shots to my hopper in a day of paintball]
-$50 on the internet if you look in the right places [i believe firstcallpaintball.com has them this cheap]
-looks awesome

-battery compartment was a trick to figure out. a bit hard to remove but i guess its so they don't fall out in a game.
-hopper lid should be back further so the lid goes past the back for easier access [no biggie though]
-a little loud, but not louder than my tippmann shooting so its okay.

overall a good hopper. 9/10
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Posted 14 June 2007 - 10:00 AM

Phantom waht type of "practice balls" are you using?

Freindly fire, halos are not the best hoppers. Just tell your team that, the best hopper is the empire B2.

I have 2 friends that use these hoppers, both have ions. They keep up with both of them at around 13-15 bps on semi. A great back up hopper, if you have something better.

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Posted 11 October 2007 - 09:59 AM

The one I got is really loud for some reason. More so then my SP-8. I'm in the market for a new loader now because it too easily gives away my position.

Another bone I have to pick is that I have yet to see it feed a consistent 20bps. Not even 15bps without a few skips.

Perhaps I got a bad one but If your a Dagger/Front man or in a position that you require stealth to do your job. My best advice would be to look elsewhere. I do love the looks of this hopper, but I have yet to see it perform as advertised.

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