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Posted 16 January 2009 - 10:32 AM

Well we've all heard of those kids who drive around doing driveby shootings on people using paintball guns, its inevitable, give something that can cause harm and some idiot will use abuse it some way or another. This gives the sport a very bad name, and its happened here a few times now. In a town near me there was 3-4 guys going around in a Jeep with no top on it doing drivebys on pedestrians and cyclists, they were doing it almost weekly but the problem is that its a small town, far from the city and there is very rarely ever any police in the area. The police might do 1 patrol per shift through there then they're gone and takes them at least 20 mins to respond to anything after that. So for a while these guys seemingly had free reign, all using Wal Mart specials of course so some friends and I decided to take matters into our own hands. One night my cousin called me up and told me they were cruising around looking for someone so we all hopped in our cars and headed there. So we decided to plant a pedestrian near an apartment complex, which is actually where he lives, he started just rounding the block and after about an hour the guys in the Jeep come cruising down the street and see him. Immediately we see them pull out their markers and catch up to him. He knows whats happening so he runs for it, toward the apt complex (we had them :P ) anyway he runs into the area where the dumpsters are and hides behind em, they come wipping in after him (building is shaped like a U), the second they got in there we struck. My buddy Pat has a solid black suburban with tinted windows for that nice SWAT feel, so we block the entrance in with it and scatter out yelling "GO, GO, GO, GO!" with milsim markers drawn, dressed all in black with black masks and vests. The guys are obviously panicked, we pulled the driver out, then I just shouted "Give it to em!" so we opened up on em with E-Triggers set to full auto and Response Triggers hittin the sweet spots, each and every one of us emptied our hoppers on em, lit them up like it was the 4th of July. Once we finished they're quite naturally in A LOT of pain fetal position on the ground, so we walk up close to them and I tell them "we ever hear of you shooting anyone again next time it'll be rubber balls" then as we're walking away I say to the guys "reload" so we all pour more balls into our hoppers, the guys start screaming "no, no, no don't!" I walk toward them and fire a burst at the dumpster and walk away ;) , we hopped back in the Suburban and left em there, and naturally confiscated their markers and whatever else they had, oh and threw a nade in the Jeep lol.

Oh btw, like I said, the guy running/the bait lived in this apt building, he's the one who spotted them cruising around on his way back home and let the people living there know if they saw what looked like a murder its just us teaching the drive by losers a lesson, some actually watched =) lol

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Posted 16 January 2009 - 10:43 AM

I can certainly appriciate wanting to "get back" at blatant paintball vandals, but assuming this story is actually true, its NOT the way to go about it.

I saw no mention of the people getting shot wearing masks...totally usafe to rip into someone (no matter how much they deserve it) like that.
The proper thing to do would have been to get pics/video of the offenders in action, get their vehicle licence number & report them to the police.

This topic cant be forum legal...sorry.


9. Encouraging or starting posts on generally "unsafe" acts in general or regarding paintball (playing with out approved eye/face protection, shooting objects other than paintballs from markers etc, stories of vandalism or causing people harm with paintball markers) or in general will NOT be tolerated! Serious offenses of this rule will result in immediate banning from our forums.


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Posted 16 January 2009 - 10:44 AM

You say the drive-bys give paintball a bad name/image yet you use paintball gear in your idiotic, dangerous and illegal vigilante justice? How the hell does that give the sport a good name/image?

You and your friends have zero business even touching paintball gear. This thread is closed, your warn level has been increased, posting abilities have been removed and I am seriously considering contacting your local authorities and reporting your actions.
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