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"Operation: Mind Crime"- Upstate, New York. At High Energy Paintball Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 20 April 2008 - 02:49 PM

High Energy Paintball And
Easy Target Productions Presents:
Operation: Mind crime

Year 2020. Soon after the war on terrorism had ended there began a new war. One within the U.S. The government began to control all aspects of life. Everything you knew and loved gone in the blink of an eye. Amendments began to change and soon followed everyone’s believes. While the war on terrorism was going on the government began a new program, codenamed "Mind crime". The means of the operation were mind control devices in placed into the brain of a host. Thus giving the government the power to control thoughts as well as actions. As soon as hints of this "Program" hit the public the United States has been split in two. One being the government and those who side with them. Mostly the military and its followers. The other side. The "Revolution".

May 2020. It started as a warm day in Washington DC. The President of the United States was being escorted back from a meeting. His car stops at a red light. Just as its about to turn green a gunshot rings out. Blowing out the back passenger side window. Killing the president instantly. Secret Service agents and bodyguards are stunned but rush to the aid of the motionless body of the president. Finding the limp body in the back seat. Before any words were said, everyone knew the actions had been from the Revolutionaries. Before the night was out, agencies and different forms of Government were having meetings all across the nation. Talks of bringing war on there own country. Something that hasn’t happen in over 150 years. A Civil War…

June 2020. Nether actions or words were exchanged between. But secret actions and movements were felt throughout the entire United States. Small groups of Radicals doing what ever they can to fight back against the government that was sworn to protect them. Until whiff of something hit the governments noses. The Revolutionaries got control of something no one would ever believe. A nuclear weapon.

July 2020. The thought of Independence day had brushed passed the minds of Americans as they knew war on there own country was inevitable. It was the Revolutionaries that had made the first move. Using the threat of there new "weapon" upon the nation. The Government retaliated with the releasing of there "secret weapon" upon the civilians. Super Soldiers. Humans with the abilities above and beyond everything anyone has ever imagined.

The War Has Began…

Government General- Dan "Eclipse7x" Lawson
Revolutionary General- Ed "EGOed" Ilnicky


Date: Saturday, May 10th 2008.
Price: $50 case of paint, $15 Admission. (This includes all day air/co2)
Check back for more updates and info. regarding missions and more.

Please check out Our Forums for more information and updates on this epic event.

Also visit our site for other information. www.highenergypaintball.com

anyone from specops forum going
you can follow the discution at this other sight.

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Posted 21 April 2008 - 02:27 AM

Note: This isn't our (MSB's) game. Check out the forums in question for more info.
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