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Posted 12 June 2011 - 11:47 PM

Well guys, I played operation endwar last year and because the crap4 guns were such a PITA I ended up running FS through the 8.1 and was amazed at the flat trajectory. Made multiple kills on running players just based on the improved flat trajectory. I even pulled a rambo and chased down and surrendered two snipers after it all with the pistol (mag was empty, what a story). Now since last year I am dealing with 5 lower body injuries since I left Army service in 2009 and am as of now 1 month out of my first surgery. Very limited in what I can do. Definitely not speedballing anytime soon. Anyway, on to the story.

Today was the first time I have ever actually used FS in an actual sniping scenario. All I can say is WOW! Read on and you'll know why.

Yesterday, my team, The Wild Rovers, began playing for mercenary status for the Milsim Corps (http://www.milsimcor...rcenaries.html)
and ran three games. The results were that we learned that in a 15 minute game, against two guards, it wasn't going to be easy. No one completed the objective, but we are getting used to the whole "Kills" and "Solos" thing. Pretty neat actually.

Today, I spent some paint and first strike and the practice range, again, set to 150 feet. Once I was happy with the spread, I ran both of my guys through the scenario as mercenary, each one borrowing my ghillie and rifle. Still. no one completed the objective. Playing at T.A.G. (http://www.800tag5150.com/) in Roland's marvelous trench field, with the VIP dummy and guards starting at an elevated central position, no one had even taken a shot at the dummy yet. My turn as merc came up and I realized how screwed I was that they could see me dash in any direction because they ran up a hill after the whistle. They were actually waving at me! I went middle right on a field probably 350 X 400 feet which includes deep trenches, 55 gallon drum bunkers, and plenty of vegetation. I was almost immediately engaged, but after I broke contact, I saw (unbeknownst to him) one of the guards dash to my right. Now like I said, these trenches are 6-7 feet deep at parts, so it's like an alleyway of tunnels. Now way I was going over the top of anything, even with my paintball bushrag. Here I am, running with a friend's T8 (I love my TPX but dammit it's back in the shop at Tippmann) and my sniper rifle slung across my back. It gets intense in the heat, watching the clock engaging 2 enemies.

One thing I grasped immediately was to hug the inside of the trench while I moved so that my limited range and firepower with the pistol would diminish. Instantly I was engaged from my front right, high above. I ran at him towards the embankment underneath him, 4 rounds loosed after leveling the T8 and drawing a bead, the other hand readying the rifle. Low and behold I got him! Still in the game, 10 1/2 minutes left, and I am well hidden and clsoing in on my objective, and the other guard...

I climbed up an embankment, and saw him casually patrolling the area! I carefully set up the rifle, and thanked my stars for putting the bipod on there, because I was shaking like mad from being so pumped. I thought, "Why risk getting engaged trying to locate the VIP when a shot here ends it and gets me my objective?". I realized by sizing his mask that he was a little further than the 150' I had the APR and scope set to. He was walking back and forth, still unaware of my exact location when I led him a hair, putting the reticle at his upper chest rather than torso, and instead of trying to adjust the APR. I was terribly worried that the Hollister CA wind would play hell on any shot at any distance across the open ground. I led him, and squeezed true. I heard the telltale first trike "zing". Then I heard the most beautiful "WHAP!" ever. It broke on his left knee!!!

I jumped for joy! I have extensively tested the FS rounds, various paints as well as the new scenario dreams rounds at 150' and less and I have NEVER seen any kind paintball round fly that true for that far. I have compiled my own DOPE (Data on previous engagements) book for them all, and man am I glad I did. I have absolutely no doubts as to the role of paintball sniper since the advent of these rounds. I am going to go back and tape measure the distance (we marked it w cones) so I can know exactly how far I made a shot on a moving target.

So last but not least, the specs on the rifle. I am actually waiting for more solid evidence before I jump on the Lapco/FSR barrel bandwagon. Besides, my real First Strike rifle is in it's final stages and this one is a temp. I give you, "Cindy".

Posted Image

Empire Trracer open breach
-13 CI Hpa
-12" Deadlywind Carbon Fibur w .684 insert (was .687 but they had rollouts w regular paint)
-Killjoy Adjustable Picatinny Rail
-P4 2.5-7 illuminated sniper scope
-Folding heavy duty bipod
-Vertical grip, rifle rag, and sling

Posted Image

Posted Image

I am going to do a how-to for a paintball bushrag soon.

Anyone else have any crazy FS stories?

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Posted 17 July 2011 - 10:57 PM

I heard about those First Strike rounds. They look awesome. If they are that good, I might look into investing into a marker that shoots them. My only concern, are they considered field legal? Also, I have an original Tac8, NOT the 8.1. Is it possible to mod it for these rounds?

nice shot BTW! :)

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Posted 18 July 2011 - 07:41 PM

t.a makes at convert kit for the 8 to shot fs. new barrel,mag and something else

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Posted 19 July 2011 - 01:07 AM

Love the scope on that marker, i have the exact same one but mine has the rangefinder reticle and its a worn up since I have used it a lot. I also might look into these new paintballs but if they are what I think they are then prices will increase for a reduce amount and even though it gives a great performance, it might not be as fun as just spraying 200 paintballs at someone lol

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