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Posted 29 July 2007 - 10:00 AM

Recently picked up a Delrin bolt from one of my local sponsors. Cost me a total of $10, after tax. He makes a lot of Delrin parts, so this isn't necessarily a name brand part.

First time you hold it, you'll notice that it is pretty oily, which is how it is suppose to be. Delrin is self lubricating, which means it isn't necessary to oil or lube it. If you get a breech break, all you need to do is simply wipe the paint off the bolt and your good to go.

The stock bolt weighed 2.1 grams, compared to the 1.3 ounces of the Delrin bolt.

Installing was very easy, as all I had to do was pull out the stock bolt, and put in the Delrin one. I really didn't feel any difference when I held my 'cocker in my hand. When I gassed up my marker and fired a few dry shots, I began to notice the difference. The back block seemed to move a little quicker when cycling. The sound my 'cocker makes when shooting changed a little bit too. The bottom hole in the Delrin bolt is more elliptical shaped that completely round. As the air travels up through the bolt, it hits a slight incline, so that it hits the paintball in a more direct way. The opening on the face of the bolt is also a little smaller than the stock aluminum one. More on this later.

I was able to turn down the operating pressure a little, making the marker overall a little more efficient air wise. I had little of the "popcorn" effect, since I have the 2 o-ring bolt.


I fired 10 RPS premium for each bolt at a 1/2" piece of plywood approx 30 feet away. The stock preformed as I thought it would. The Delrin bolt seemed to fly faster, straighter, and hit the piece of wood harder. I chrono'd my marker for each bolt, and out of 5 balls fired for each bolt, the Delrin bolt was only 2 fps average above the stock bolt.

I decided it was time for a live test subject.

I fired 2 balls for each bolt to the back of a test subject. The subject said that the paintballs from the delrin bolt seemed to hit harder compared to the stock one. I confirmed this by looking at the bruising on his back. The ones from the Delrin were more pronounced, as the color of the bruise was deeper as well. I haven't tested to see if it increased my range any.

I will update this once I have a chance to use this in a game setting.
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