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Posted 25 October 2007 - 01:36 PM

what does everyone like or would like to see in a indoor urban field

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Posted 25 October 2007 - 01:40 PM


Indoor fields get REALLY nasty if not cleaned alot...there is not rain to wash paint away naturally or sun for paint to dry up.

After a year or a indoor field being opened and not cleaned it ends up being a room of sludge and mold.

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Posted 27 October 2007 - 09:31 AM

if u can multi story buildings
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Posted 30 October 2007 - 06:45 AM

i heard that paint actually starts reeking overnight. and yes, without good cleaning and draining, you'r elooking at LOTS of slime, ick, and smell.

i heard if you go indoors, you gotta have the place built from the ground up to accomodate the drainage system. then you gotta make sure everything is safe enough to walk around on especially if you have 2 stories. the next thing is insurance. most lazer tag facilities get it by not allowing running in the games. in paintball you gotta run. so insurance can be a nightmare JUST because of that. next, add the words CQB+PAinbtball+Facemask+>200fps= no insurance company in the world, unless they cost an arm and a leg.

the point is, it can be done but you have so many more obstacles of red tape than an outdoor field. the ONLY advantagesi can see about an indoor field is that you can build the terrain to your liking, A/C, no rain or snow or bad heat, and the cool factor. otherwise, outdoors has ya beat.
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Posted 30 October 2007 - 07:42 AM

I have played at Orlando Paintball a few times. Two awesome indoor fields, in my opinion. They are old warehouses that have sawdust scattered on the floor, the sawdust soaks up the paint and makes sliding a possibility. It can smell a little in the summer because of the heat.

What I love about their indoor fields is that the allow me to play while it is raining, they offer a wide variety of games and are well kept. They do not allow bunkering, but that has never been an issue for me as I am either out at the begining of a game or make it all the way through, most of the time :rolleyes: .

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Posted 30 October 2007 - 11:42 AM

I want to see a good drainage system so that you can wash down the bunkers after a day and keep them clean. that would be nice

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Posted 05 November 2007 - 05:55 PM

And outdoor field that has a village/town with varing building of size and stories. Adds a 3rd dimension to the scenario

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Posted 05 November 2007 - 06:08 PM

this is the field that i work at

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Posted 05 November 2007 - 06:43 PM

Constant gameplay like start a game per field after every ten minutes or something so if you get out at the start there will be a differen game while the previous is running.
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Posted 05 November 2007 - 10:02 PM

multiroom/multi story buildings, windows, a sniper tower
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Posted 10 November 2007 - 07:01 PM

I absolutely hate slimy bunkers.
A nother thing i hate is slick floors .
It is usually hard to see in adark room with a mask but dont put in big bright lights this just makes it harder to see instead put in many softer lights.

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