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Posted 19 November 2007 - 06:32 PM

As it happens every year, Santa came around the workshop to see how the elves where coming along with the toys. As usual he also didn’t really comment so much as “Hhmmmm” and “Ooohhh” with the occasional “Heeheehehehohohoho” but never any real encouragement or even a “Thank you”. Mostly he was thinking about the trip and who was naughty and who was nice and trying to keep all those letters organized in his head.

“So much to do. Even with a year to prepare, I always feel so rushed. I just don’t want to let all those good boys and girls down. They do so enjoy my visits.” His thoughts would drift to those cheery, shiny faces as they would sit and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. He always worked hard at making sure they got what they wanted……….well, the elves did, anyways.

And that was where the problems came from. Jordan, the best train builder on the line and head of the complaint department, was well aware of the tension that was mounting daily. Here was the fat, red man once again inspecting their always perfect work ( well, there was that one time ,and the lead thing, and……..anyway) and getting all the credit. It was now or never.

“Santa?” Jordan quivered, “We need to talk. For years we’ve been doing all the work while you take center stage and get credit and…….well……… we’d like to credit and appreciation too! The kids would love us just as much if they knew we made the toys that you deliver!” Then he took 2 elven steps backwards. And then 2 more.

He didn’t say anything at first (a combination of thinking of the lists and wondering what kinds of cookies he would get from the children ). Then it came to him. Someone was speaking to him. Once he put it all together, he still didn’t have anything to say.

“Jordan, my friend. I didn’t set the situation. Things have always been this way. The children know you elves work very hard to make them happy. What more can I do for you , my small friends?” Then he took two steps backwards. “ Well, then , this year your on your own. We get respect or you trouble!” Jordan walked briskly away while trying not to run from fright. Once out of sight, he took a long breath and headed to his friends where production quickly came to an absolute halt. Even the deer refused to talk to Santa.

Santa sat for a long time pondering and pondering. Several weeks had passed and not a single doll had been made. What was he going to do. He made a few calls to some friends for advice. Shortly the phone wouldn’t stop ringing.

Word had quickly spread and panic embraced the parents. They were scared that the burden would fall to them to pick up the slack the elves now created. They didn’t want that. A line was quickly drawn between the Elves and Santa with the parents at his back. Christmas just got dangerous.


Lets Go Elves!!!

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