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SO Action Ghillie bas garmant same as Ultra Lights Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 08 April 2008 - 01:14 PM

Hey guys, I Just got done field testing my first home-made ghillie today (made of Jute...) and I was not satisfied. The Jute thread I used got caught on everything, swished around when I moved, was heavy, and above all, did not do much at all to conceal me.

Now bear in mind, I did some research beforehand, and I think that the one good choice that I made was using a set of Ultra-Lights as the base for my ghillie. They, despite the jute thread's noble effort to thwart me, held up amazingly, and performed great to conceal me on their own when I got fed up and undid all my careful needle-work that was keeping the jute in place.

So, what I'm thinking of doing is simply buying some density upgrades and using my Ultra lights as a ghillie base, attaching them with the included zip ties. But this brings up a question in my mind. Doesn't the plastic on your skin get uncomfortable? Or does the included base that comes with the Action Ghillie set have some sort of liner that keeps the zip ties from coming into contact with your skin which is not in the Ultra Lights?

Also, while everyones entitled to their own opinion, I'm not particularly interested in hearing how "jute is sooooo much beter than action gillie, U must have dun it wrong!!!11!!". I'm pretty sure its just my field, but the jute doesn't provide the level of concealment that I need

P.S. sorry that this thread got posted twice, and sorry if its in the wrong forum, but after five days active it had like six views (five of which were probably from me!) in the Spec-ops goods forum, so I though I might have better luck here

[Edit] Dammit, just spotted the typo in the title! My bad

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Posted 11 April 2008 - 01:27 PM

Nope, you've just realized that ghillie is definitely not all it's cracked up to be. Congrats, although you should have read a few threads to save you a few bucks. But fear not, there's still plenty of inexperienced newbies lining up for this stuff...

Just don't bother with ghillie at all. It's heavy, loud, and, unless you're wearing the *exact* ghillie for that environment, not very useful. You need about 20 minutes beforehand, and the ability to entrench and not move at all once you're in to actually hide well. However, paintball is largely a dynamic game-unless you're playing a defender scenario, there's only one point where the attackers come through, and you can hide in a spot that both matches your ghillie and will allow you to be useful the entire game, don't bother with it. Invest in a pair of Fusions or Marauders instead, they will serve you MUCH better in the long run.

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Posted 12 April 2008 - 07:13 AM

I do agree with you in many ways, like how paintball isn't really practical for sniping in most games. I have an action ghillie and I love it. I bought the pre-completed all season one. Here are some tips here agree some things to consider while making one.

1. if you have a vest, put some leaf on the vest but don't ghillie the ultralights underneath the vest. this will keep you much more comfortable and save you money. (same goes for the kneepad area)

2. cover the suit completely (except knee/vest like areas) but have a good amount of extra leaf. run your fingers through the leaf and cut the leaf VERTICALY with scissors. (dont cut the base garment!) Making cuts exactly between the rows if zip-ties. After doing this there will be holes that open up. the ghillie will be more 3D and work better if you do this. fill the holes in with the extra leaf.

3 the most important thing to do is keep the "tails" of the zip-ties (to be clipped later) ON THE OUTSIDE! I promise you wont feel the plastic unless you put the tip tie nubbin on the inside! they are sharp unless cut down flush with the head of the tie. I recommend buying a small pair of clippers ( you will want spring loaded ones to make it easier)

Making a full ghillie will take a long time but Is worth the work. Like all ghillies taking your time will make it many times better.

Here is a picture of an interesting ghillie. If I had another pair of ultra lights I would absolutely do this. The head shoulders and gun are the most important things to cover but a little ghillie on the rest of the bogy is good. I would recommend buying the AG hood, and doing this instead. Its faster to make, lighter, cheaper, less snaggy, and more practical. I think thats totally the way to go. This picture is in the "Sniper tech" article.

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slip out the back before they know you were there

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