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orderpaintball.com house paint finally decided to buy some Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 03 October 2007 - 03:10 PM

if any of you remember, i posted a month ago asking if anyone has tried this paint. well, since we are having a big game at my house, my mom decided to buy me and my brother a case each [she actually bought the 8000 paintball package but other people reimbursed her]. for the 8000 paintballs, it cost my mom $105 with 3-day shipping. i was amazed at the price of this paint and i couldn't believe it.

so today i got home from school and notice that there is a orderpaintball.com sticker on the table. then to my surprise, a tall box stood in front of me with the words orderpaintball.com on it. i quickly opened it up to see the paint. i didn't know what to expect. i grabbed a bag and noticed that there was paint in it. here's a pic of the bag:

Posted Image

i took that bag and went outside with my paintball gun. i decided to take a few and throw them against some concrete to see if they would break easily. i was surprised when they broke everytime i through them to the ground. also, to my surprise, the fill was bright yellow. apparently what i thought was paint in the bag must be oil or something. the paint was round and the seem was hardly noticable [maybe its the color]. here's a pic of the fill:

Posted Image

i put the co2 on my marker and the tank oring burst. i grabbed another oring, put the co2 on my gun and then loaded my hopper with paintballs. i shot maybe 5 rounds and then ran out of co2. now i have to wait till the big game on monday to actually shoot them at the right fps. they did break though, even at such a low fps [they went about 30 feet until they dropped].

i just checked if it fit the more of my barrel [J&J ceramic, .689 bore i think] and most of them fit. the ones that didn't fit were too small which i guess is better than too big. i tried maybe 5 and only one rolled out of the barrel. i blew the other 4 out the end to make sure they weren't too big. i'm glad they fit my barrel :ghillie:

i can;t give you an opinion on how accurate these are because i haven't shot them at 300 fps yet. sunday, i will get my hpa tank filled [i hope, otherwise i'll have to use co2 on monday].

overall they are very close to xo industries spectrum paint [which i have a bag of now] except maybe a little less quality. but for the price of $25 for a case including shipping it's an awesome deal.

7.5/10 overall performance.
10/10 performance for price.
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Posted 29 October 2007 - 01:33 PM

I'm gonna Give my two cents on this paint as well. my experience with it has been horrible. i think the quality of this paint is a true coin toss. sometimes the paint works well as with tauman's experience. but in my case i don't think i can ever get this paint again after the way it was treating me. first of all, i own several markers that are very gently with paint and several that are rather rough on paint. i used a rough one first because i hear that the house paint actually has a tough shell, which is completely false. I couldn't even get the paint to come out of my automag. i had a flamethrower for two games and all i was doing was trying to be a distraction to help our team by drawing fire. while this added a new dynamic to my game and i did a fairly good job at it, i like to be able to shoot a couple people every once and a while too.

so i switched to my Quest which is very gentle on paint. the air alone still would cut the paint at the seams every once and a while. i was shooting a sawed off shotgun. i had to sprint to the 50 every game just to try and get a couple of close range eliminations. again, this was great practice to make me a well rounded player, but it was a forced habbit not a learned one.

that same day i was also shooting origin classic and that shot marvelously through both guns with no breaks at all. but when i ran out of that i had to use the dreaded house paint again.

i still have three cases of the house paint left that i'm going to have to shoot through my epic because i'm pretty sure its impossble to break paint with an epic. although the same could be said of most high end electros.

all in all a bad experience for me, but others have had good luck with this paint so my advice to everyone is buy one case of it at first to test it out, and if it works well buy more. don't do what i did and buy a bulk package and then get stuck with having to play with it for a couple weekends.

oh and by the way of the two boxes that i opened, 3 of the 8 bags had breaks in them.

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Posted 29 October 2007 - 07:23 PM

i'm in the same boat. i have 3 cases left that's just sitting there because i'm afraid to use it.. i had better luck with it in my autococker than my X7 PPS apex or my A5 flatline but still broke paint when i started firing fast in semi. i did a review on the paint in another thread.

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