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Posted 19 October 2010 - 12:54 PM

I've been wanting a paintball pistol for a while now, and I've heard great things about the Tiberius pistols, but they aren't really my thing. Now that the TPX and the Kingman Eraser are out, it seems I have some more choices.

I don't have the need to run the pistol via a remote line or a hopper; I just want to use the mag-fed paint and the CO2 cartridges. It also isn't a problem for me to order/use the smaller caliber of paint for the Kingman gun as I've already checked with my local field and they are fine with that. I am going to be using the pistol as both a primary gun and a sidearm/back-up. I can see this being a small problem if I forget to order paint or something like that, but otherwise I think it would be okay. I could deal with it.

I've heard good things about both pistols and the magazines are around the same price. The guns are usually the same price, but I found the Kingman Eraser for sale for $150 as opposed to the TPX's $220 price tag. I've also heard some bad things about the TPX, but supposedly most of those have been worked out, at the cost of room for a paintball in the clip. So the TPX mag holds 7 rounds while the Eraser's mag will hold 9. I have held and both of these pistols and I have fired the Eraser in a target range and I really liked how it shot. I would really like to shoot a TPX but I don't know anyone who owns one and my local field doesn't have any either. I like the pull the trigger to pierce the CO2 cartridge feature on the TPX as well as the 1/4 screw cap thing, but it seems that piece would be fairly easy to lose in the heat of battle. The CO2 changing in the Eraser isn't all that different though, other than the fact that it pierces as soon as you twist it in. As far as efficiency goes, I've heard you can put about 3 mags through the TPX before you have to change it. I know the Eraser would be more efficient, but if you really can get 3 mags/12 gram with the TPX, then it isn't too big of a selling point in this particular case.

As far as I know I've gone over what I know about the two pistols and I'm still on the fence about which to buy. I'm thinking if they were both the same price I'd go for the TPX due to the standard size of the paint and the extra range/marking ability (I'm not sure how well the smaller ball fill shows up on a person), but that reduced price tag on the Eraser certainly is appealing. Another thing I've heard (so much hearsay!) is the stock barrel on the TPX is mediocre, thus an upgrade would be a priority, and if this is true, that would essential make the cost of the pistol higher.

Please help me decide on which one to get! But please don't suggest a Tiberius - I have no interest in owning one, I've played with a borrowed one and it feels clunky to me, and I really don't like the fact that the CO2 and the paint are together in the magazine.

Thanks guys.

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Posted 19 October 2010 - 01:12 PM

i would go for the TPX..

the accuracy out of the box is amazing..

and if you do a primary pistol game, i would HIGHLY recommend the remote line air kit. you would also save money on having to buy a box of 12 grams

here is a video i took friday night using it at a new indoor field.
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Posted 19 October 2010 - 01:23 PM

Get the Tac8... ;)

You've done your homework (kudos) so there's not much to add that I can tell.

Tippmann has corrected the initial issues the TPX had, so unless you are buying used you don't have to worry about picking up a first gen. From everything I've read (so much hearsay!) the barrel on the TPX isn't perfect but not bad, but the advantage is that many A-5/X-7 aftermarket barrels will work. Obviously w/ the Eraser your stuck w/ what they give you.

As for the Kingman, the disadvantage is the .43 cal. Standard .68 paint will break easier, but at the effective range of a pistol it shouldn't be too much of a problem, though you will likely notice a few more bounces off of soft targets w/ the .43 cal. You've checked w/ your field already so that's cleared up, but if it is a field paint only facility, you may have issues w/ the other players. The problem arises if your field uses a specific shell/fill combo that is different from the .43 rounds your using. If you hit an opposing player w/ your .43 cal round he may not call himself out because he thinks he was hit w/ smuggled paint. If the refs & guys you are playing w/ know what you are shooting ahead of time you may not have an issue, but still something to consider.
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