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extreme stichworks backpack day pack.. trail vest...why not a backpack!

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Posted 18 December 2009 - 08:58 PM

View Postgypsycurse, on Dec 15 2009, 03:36 PM, said:

Well, yes we have added items that are not specific to paintball as we are widening our customer basis. We want to not only please and appeal to paintballers but we want to start making products for everyone to use, weather it is hiking or you have to hike to your paintball field ( which yes, I have actually had to do before ) It's not that it's not organized, we are just opening up to more customers! We're opening up to all customers!

Breanna SO customer service manager

that part I put in bold really gave me an idea.I think that extreme stich works making non-paintball items is a great idea.but why not combine paintball and non-paintball items.in ofcourse a backpack!I have found that a backpack is a indespencible item for me.I play outlaw ball and I have to hike 1/4 of a mile from the pickups to where I play.I have tryed to use other types of bags like a duffel bag.but while a duffel has lots of room it is just a pain to cary .I have also tryed some school backpacks.those are nice and cheap but they dont have the capacity to hold nearly enough stuff.I even use a backpack when I play at the "pay to play field."(sorry I can't think of a better name for it yet)it is just great to keep all my stuff together.I am currently using a army surplus alice pack.it is alright, it has quite abit of space to hold things,It also has 3 very handy outer compartments that are good for holding co2 tanks,my tool kit,even 2 pods will fit comfortably in one pocket.but I dont like the buckles it uses and it has no lower back padding which can hurt if there is an edge of a co2 tank in there or something else with an edge. also camo is nice but when you are playing outlaw ball you really want your bag to be visible because I have had my bag shot many times because people would see it lying on the ground and either think it was a player or just shoot it for the fun of it and claim that they didn't see it.also if you are just going to drop it in the staging area you don't really need it to be camo.but undoubtedly some players will want their bag camo so that should be an option. also you should probably make several sizes because when I went mountain climbing in colorado every one had a small back pack that was called a sumit pack.so that should be clasified in the non-paintball division.I know that tippmann has their what ever pack but that thing is too expensive and too small.I think that special ops should make a very strong very large back pack but one that doesn't cost very much.because lets face it most players would probably rather go snag a $20 alice pack and just deal with its short commings than pay $60+ for a "paintball" back pack.also there should be plenty of straps on the out side to attach things to.I ain't talking about molly gear straps I mean like just some straps for misc gear.also most backpacks don't have enouf room to put all your paintball gear AND your mask so i normaly just clip the mask to the side.but that can get the lense scratched up.so you should sell a mask bag to just hang(not attach hang)on the side of it.so that is what i think, if any other people have an idea about the backpack post it up.

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