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TechT MRT Bolt Test for the X7 Phenom

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Posted 10 October 2010 - 09:01 PM

I'd like to say thanks to Bad Karma from OP/4 Paintball for lending his Phenom for this test and TechT for donating the bolt.

First, we disassembled the Phenom and took the bolt off and dried it off of lube. Upon first inspection, I noticed the design is nearly the same with the exception of angled flutes on the outside of the MRT bolt. Another major difference was the tip. The MRT bolt had a rubber tip while the Phenom bolt had a black plastic tip. If there were issues of sharp edges causing breaks, this may possibly fix that issue. Unfortunately, BK said he rarely experienced any problems, so replicating any breaks for a comparison would have taken a lot of paint. So we didn't do a breakage test.

Next, we placed it on the scale and compared the weight to the MRT bolt.

Phenom: 36.15 g
TechT: 14.07 g

The weight is significantly less; nearly 2.5x lighter.

Velocity Comparison:
We then did a velocity comparison. We loaded up the hopper with some Reballs, grabbed the Shooting Chrony (optical chronograph), HPA on remote, and took 30 shot sample sizes. Using Reballs, we tried to get the velocity high enough with the Phenom bolt as a baseline but 260's was the max we could get. Part of the problem was the barrel was massively overboring on the Reballs but it ended up working out anyway. I must note that consistency went down but it is was restricted to the first several shots. I don't know if the system was sorting itself out, excess lube was an issue, or whatever the cause for it but it went away after that but should be mentioned.

Here was the data:
TechT MRT Bolt Test for the Phenom.xls

As you can see, the velocity jumped from 263 to 282 fps. That's 19 fps increase in velocity. What does this mean? It means the air that is blowing the bolt forward does so more efficiently because of the lighter bolt mass.

Cyclone Compatibility:
Our next step was to check the Cyclone compatibility with the bolt. When we tried to dryfire the marker, we noticed that the Cyclone was turning at all. It would only turn when a ball was loaded. Apparently a ball is a necessity for it create enough backpressure to make the Cyclone work. So we took the barrel off and loaded up a few balls into the Cyclone housing. Despite our best efforts, we couldn't bottom out the Cyclone from working. It worked from max to min velocity settings. So it should work in semi-auto regardless of the bolt being used.

Rate of Fire:
Our final step was to check ROF. We put the Phenom bolt in and checked to see what the max was. Using the stock board settings (13 bps), we noticed that we were able to get good feeding rates. We tried upping it to the stock board's max (15 bps) when we realized that we kept running into issues. Even with the MRT bolt, we also ran into issues. We looked into it and discovered that the stock Cyclone had never been lubed. However, I noticed that the axle and ratchet were stock. The axle teeth have large angles on them, which means the ratchet requires more air to move past them. Once we realized this, we swapped out Cyclone's for mine which had aftermarket parts and the ROF issue went away.

We found nothing negative about the bolt in any way and only positives. It increased the velocity (making the marker more efficient) and added a rubber tip, which theoretically should help with breakage but has yet to be confirmed. The ROF issue wasn't a bolt issue but instead was a Cyclone issue that has always existed for stock Cyclones (hence why they list 15 bps as the max). I think its a good upgrade and props to TechT for making it.

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