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Review: Custom COPS911/SpecOps Broadsword '06 Vest -and COPS911/SpecOps Zeus Holster

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Posted 05 April 2006 - 09:02 PM

This is a Custom Broadsword Vest from COPS911 sponsor of the Delta Paintball Team, and from SpecOps.
This Vest comes with-
Broadsword '06 Standard vest + pouches - COPS911/SpecOps.
Tank Pouch (included)
Integrated Sling System - COPS911
Custom Name Tags - COPS911
This vest holds up to-
1120 rounds of paint using 140 round pods
2 Atomic Ordnance grenades.
2 liter hydration bladder
As well as room for lots of other things, including maps, IDs, tools and anything else.

As far as vests go, this one is extremely nice. It is of the utmost quality in terms of workmanship, and everything is snug, secure and strong. This vest has interlock pouches, as well as your standard elastic waist, found on most pod packs. This is a COPS911/SpecOps. original, to include it with a vest.

The look of the vest is a very important thing to most customers. Most people will trade function for form, but the Broadsword '06 is as useful as it is beautiful.

Posted Image
Posted Image

As you can see, it easily holds my tank, has my A-5 secure on the integrated sling system, holds my paint, and looks great at the same time. I used the right D-ring to secure my hydration bladder's hose. I plan on using the left one to hold my mask when it is not in use. Here you can also see the tank pouch, which is certainly large enough to hold your big tanks, and holds my smaller 45ci 3000psi very securely. I have plans for the tank pouch later.

Posted Image

The pods themselves stay in very securely, and have no bounce or play when running. The pods are very easy to put in, since all of the sleeves have a hard plastic peice which holds them open, ready for your pods. The +1 is also extremely well placed, but it doesn't hold pods well enough. The elastic needs to be tighter, or needs to have those little grip dots on the inside(like you find on gloves) I lost two pods because of this, so im not going to put paint in there until I find a better way. A small elastic strap that would keep the pod in, but wouldn't get in the way when you have a pod in would be perfect. I'll experiment with some options and see what further custom fitting I want. I have plans for this later.

Posted Image

One of the things I have continually heard about the Broadsword model, is that 3 belt keepers is not enough. Well the '06 fixes that. 6 belt keepers, each well placed around the vest easily hold my 2 inch military web belt with grommets. Consider that problem solved.

Posted Image

The Double Locking Velcro panels keep the vest snugly fitted to your waist. They are easy to attach and fit, and the elastic keeps the vest on tight. Some vests have the tendancy to slide forward or backward, but with this, the imbalance of weight due to pods no longer matters. This vest fits, and it fits right.

Posted Image

Heres the vest from the side, you can see that it is fully adjustable, I'm a bit thin, so I have it pulled all the way in, but I certainly have room to grow.

Posted Image

The vest is layed out here, so you can see its size and construction, as well as the bladder pouch (and bladder).

Posted Image

Closer view of the vest, up front, without the sling or marker in the way. All of the pockets are very well spaced and easy to acess.

In terms of modifiations, I have a few ideas for this vest. For one, I will get (3)+1 sleeves added in between the current pod pouches. I will also buy a 2 pod interlock pouch, with the SpecOps logos (not available, I'll have them custom made). It will be placed on the front bottom right. With that, I will have up to 2020 rounds on my person at all times, not including the rounds in my sidearm. Likely, I won't have a tank which can hold that much air. So, I came up with the idea, (thanks to a member of Team Ragnarok) to rig up a double tank rig. I would have the nametag moved, and another tank pouch put in its place. I would then have the name tag attached to the top of the double tank rig. Padded shoulders would also be installed, and Molle loops would be added up the front left shoulder of the vest, so that the radio pouch, name tag and patch could be easily moved. I am also going to purchase an armgaurd from COPS911 on which I will place patches from the Brigade, and team Sponsors. I, being right handed, would purcase an armgaurd which would sit on the left arm.

In regards to the Integrated Sling System: It is fully adjustable, and fully removeable. If you use a sling on your marker ( I used the A-5 model made by COPS911) then you should consider the Integrated Sling System. For one, it takes the weight of a sling off of your neck, and places it on your shoulders. Although this system is 2 point, it could easily be made into a 3 point if you would prefer. I love this system, an I would gladly take it over a standard sling any day.

My review on the COPS911/SpecOps Zeus Holster.

Posted Image

Here is the holster. Recently at a game, I used it at least 8 times, when I ran out of air, or my squegee wasn't cutting it. I got a few eliminatons with it, bunkered someone, and kept a few peoples heads down. If you ask for more than that out of a sidearm, you probably should realize a few things about them. But, this review is on the holster, the Zeus will be for another day.

The holster comes with a few main features:
Snap Button Release Strap
3 Co2 Cartidge holder (elastic)
Extra magazine pouch.
2 Molle loops (I put a 10rd tube here)
Belt Strap (velcro)
2 Leg Straps (Velcro)
3 Large Clips (all very strong)

It has a snap button release to secure/remove the pistol. It is quick and easy to remove and replace, so you can get it out fast when your main marker runs out of air.

The extra co2 that it carries is a good feature, and the elastic that holds it is very secure, but still easy to remove and replace.

The extra magazine pouch is well located, and although I don't have an extra mag, I've just test fitted my current clip in there, and it works well. It has some play, though not too much, and it is still easy to get out and put back in.

The molle loops are a big help, they hold a 10 round tube, or an extra co2. The stiching on them is alittle weak, but I think thats because it doesn't go all the way through. Just don't pull on them too much, and if they come off, I'm sure theyre not hard to sew back on.

Posted Image

Now for the straps and clips. The belt strap is strong, and is big enough for a 2 inch web belt. All of the clips are very secure, and I think they could hold my full weight. They are large, so they are easy to clip, and easy to release, even with gloves on. Or with two layers of gloves. (I've tried it) The only thing about the leg straps, is that the velcro doesn't go all the way around. So for skinny guys like me, you might only have a few inches, or none of the velcro sticking. This needs to be extended.

Overall, I'd say this is the best Holster out there. It comes in different patterns, camo, etc. I've used others, and I simply don't like them. If you're looking for a Zeus holster, go with this. The Molle loops need to be strengthened, and the straps need more velcro. I'm going to have these changes made, along with changes to my vest.

This work was done by Robert (COPS911) and Brian (MOATI) of COPS911/SpecOps.

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Posted 05 April 2006 - 09:20 PM

Cool review.I just ordered my dagger vest today.

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Posted 06 April 2006 - 12:00 PM

Great review man! I just got my vest about a month ago and I love it as well. I got mine in OD and I love the idea of a 2nd tank pouch. Bloody brilliant! I also was thinking of having the mole strips extended. :D

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Posted 06 April 2006 - 01:39 PM

Nice Review, my saber vest jsut came today. I lovve it. Its so nice. I can't wait to play with it on Satarday
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Posted 08 April 2006 - 08:54 AM

I cant wait to pick up mine tomorrow!
Coming soon.

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Posted 09 April 2006 - 05:00 PM

Nice vest dude.

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Posted 09 April 2006 - 05:03 PM

very cool! :D

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