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Posted 14 January 2011 - 12:56 AM

Hey, I didn't find this tactic posted, and it's a great tactic, so I figured I'd put it in.

This tactic is fairly simple, and is thus transferable to many different situations and scenarios. It shares many similarities with other tactics, but has some defining characteristics. The goal of the dead drop ambush is to get on the opposing force's (opfor) six without them being aware of you. This is done as follows: A squad with a sniper attached attacks a larger opfor. This attack is merely to gain their attention and provoke them into counterattacking. The attack on the opfor is then halted, and the squad makes a quick withdrawal. The idea is to get the opfor to chase you on a chosen route thinking that they have the advantage and thus causing them to focus on the squad. The chosen route must have a spot where the sniper can drop off and go quiet without the opfor being aware. This is called a dead drop. As the squad goes past this point the sniper falls off route into the dead drop and goes dark while the rest of the squad continues on. It is CRUCIAL that the opfor is not aware of the sniper. If they are aware of the sniper, they will likely bog down and focus on him/her (I got ambushed by a female sniper once, as did my buddy, so I try not to forget), likely quickly eliminating said sniper. The goal is for the opfor to remain focused on the rest of the squad, and to blow past the sniper, leaving their six exposed to fire. At this point, the sniper can then fire upon the exposed six of the opfor. Once the sniper fires upon the opfor, the rest of the squad finds cover and also opens up on the opfor. Now the opfor is caught between two different lanes of fire without adequate cover from one or the other. In a successful dead drop ambush, there would be very limited casualties on the squad, and a full elimination of the opfor. As I said before, this tactic can be used in many ways with many, many variations which is why I feel it is a great tactic. Try it and let me know what you think.
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