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I want a Drone My project to build a Drone for paintball Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 29 January 2012 - 10:54 AM

So I have had this idea for a couple years now, I want a drone for paintball. Before someone stops reading because that statement is a bit outrageous hear me out. Now I'm not talking about busting out a drone for the regular open play weekend at the local field, but when a game like D-day rolls around how useful would a drone broadcasting real time footage to a player or a tank on the ground.

First off let me type out this disclaimer, in no way will this drone shoot any thing. It's only payload will be a camera, and controlling units.

So here is the plan:

The Drone
The platform is centered around a foam RChttp://www.hobby-lobby.com/easystar_rtf.htm, it's light weight & small size allow the drone to be hand launched. Upgrading of the drive train will be required to allow the drone to achive altitude and maintain heading in medium wind sheer. During launch the drone is handled by a standard RC plane control unit, after achieving it's programmed altitude the an internal GPS system will engage taking control of the drone. As it stands right now I have the plane that is as far as I have gotten thanks to funding issues. The internal are made up of an autopilot unitMy link, and a means to communicate with the network. ( I will talk more about this later). The Payload is simple a board camera, on a 360 degree mount. Board cameras are cheap, for a little over 90 dollars you get a very light camera, that can see near the IR spectrumMy link. That really all the drone is made up of, other then transimitting the video the whole drone part is rather easy.

The Network
In today's world it's common place to go to a camp ground and have really good wireless coverage over the entire grounds. They use large wireless routers that are made for the outdoor environment. This is the back bone of the drone network, and opens the door to other digital warfareMy link. This router mounted on a paintball tank would give you good coverage. The drone transmits it's video signal to the tanks router, the router funnels it into a laptop. The laptop runs the automated drone program, and can also control the drone. From there the tank can transmit that footage to people on the ground with a smartphone or a Ipod touch. My idea has always been to build a communication/supply tank for D-day. One that can manage radio communication, the Drone system, Supplies for German Units (Air & and Unit or team storage), maybe even adding the ability to have a text based communication system. The end game would be having all this in App form that could be used by any German player on field.

The reason I'm writing this, first off I'm looking for any Ok-dday commander that might be interested in getting involved either with funding or with technical knowledge. Also I just wanted to see what people thought of my idea, any holes in my plan, or people that have done this or something similar to this. I also have other ideas that could spin off of this.
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Posted 29 February 2012 - 12:45 PM

sounds pretty cool have u thought of how to turn the gps sensor in to the control and how o switch back to manual once in "auto pilot" also think about maximum flight time how many would u have to build to make it truly effective or just use it as a mid to late game launch personally i think it sick but more practical would be cam spike hooked up to a 12v sys would be better say about 5 hooked up to a wireless dvr that hosts the vid to a web site that you can access on you phone it would be a nightmare to have to code the drone for each days of play ur looking at about 4 hours of coding for all of a 2 hour window of use tops unless u have access to military grade ai or read the weather and topo of the area not to mention what if i shoot it down? that can get realy expensive fast not to bash ur idea but id find a cheep pilot with a 2 man gyro copter and put a gunner in the air

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Posted 29 February 2012 - 03:02 PM

First thing that come to mind from me is how well will its rotors handle gobs of paint that will be shot at it.

I also can think that a few fields wont like the idea of how close it can get, now for D-day I would think that field would be about a open minded to the idea of any other but a kamakazie attack should be something they would give you rules to follow.

This does sound like a great concept and build project but given the cost and possible feild legal hurders along with breakdowns and repairs during a weekend event I certainly hope you have the spirit to stick with this project regardless of the outcome of its use.
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