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A "Stacked" TPX/T8 Mag Pouch

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Posted 15 September 2010 - 07:50 AM

Ok, these are the pouches I am currently using for my TPX.

The reason that I chose the stacked-type pouch was that I run pistol-primary, and prefer to only use a web belt to carry my mag pouches, holster, and dump pouch, so my space is at a premium. Now, just because I play pistol only doesn't mean I only want to carry the bare-minimum ammo. I play big-format games pretty much exclusively, so carrying as many mags as I can, IMO, helps me stay out on the field and effective as long as possible. So I carry 18 mags, 16 of which are held in these pouches, 1 in the holster pouch, and 1 in the TPX itself. It may seem like a lot of mags, but they weigh practically nothing, probably the same weight, if not less, than a P3 pack loaded with T8 mags.

The problem I am having is that since my Emdom pouches were designed for real-steel mags, they are a bit too snug on the mags. At first, this was merely an inconvenience putting the mags INTO the pouches. Drawing them out was smooth enough and they held securely. That is, until I hit a few really hot days and realized that the tension of the pouches, combined with the heat softening the plastic of the mags, was pushing the front edge of the mag's shell inward, just enough to drag on the follower and stop it midway up once it was loaded into the pistol. This results in 3-4 shots, and then a failure to feed. I can bend the shell back out again, but once loaded into the pouches for any amount of time the problem re-occurs.

So I was wondering if SpecOps could make something that was similar to these, but a bit improved and specifically to fit TPX mags (or even T8 mags if its do-able, although I think the weight of those would make them somewhat unwieldy sticking so far out).

Here's a list of things that can be improved on with these pouches:

1) Too tight! I'd rather have them loose enough so that if held upside down with the flap open, the mags will drop out. Just to be SURE that there will be no more deformation of the mag. I would prefer to ditch the outer elastic band altogether as well for the same reason. The internal divider flap can stay so long as it doesn't make things too tight.

2) Have a full-coverage flap, like on the single mag pouches I found listed on the SO site. The skinny flap on the Emdom's is fine for real steel but allows paint spray, dirt, and other stuff to get in and gum up the works if I'm crawling or something. In all honesty, something with even more coverage than that (perhaps a flap with some sidewalls) might be a good idea if it can be done as well.

3) Have the pouch itself cover more of the mag, preferably coming up at least 2/3's to 3/4's of the way to the "top" of the mag (I normally mount them bottom-up, so "top" is a relative term).

The only other pouches like these that I've found are made by Milsig and come in at about the same price. I can get them from one of my sponsors, but I'm not SURE that they fit any better, and still have the skinny flap and low pouch height.

I would be ready and willing to buy 4 such pouches, possibly up to 6, if its something you could do. Price is less of a concern for me than having something I KNOW will work, and will hold up to abuse. These things need to survive being dragged through dirt as I belly-crawl through brush, and protect the mags as much as possible in the process.

What say ye, SpecOps?
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