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Fallout Inception 24 hour scenario outside Kingman, AZ Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 05 January 2009 - 09:38 AM


Scenario Event: Fallout: Inception ---FEB 21-22

On June 6, 2012 an unknown terrorist group attacked key monuments in seven major nations. The institutions were, The U.S. Capital Building, Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, Tower Bridge in London, Itaka Nuclear Power Plant in Japan, The Bank of International Settlements in Hong Kong, and CERN research facility in Switzerland. Since the attacker remained unknown the nations began fighting among themselves.
The in-fighting continued until the U.S.A made the first strike. On August 6, 2012 we attacked Russia suspecting that they were the nation behind the June 6 attacks. In response to this all nations mobilized their military forces. World War 3 had begun. The nuclear weapons of all countries were armed. The following days saw nuclear weapons dropped on every major nation. The U.S.A. was attacked on both coasts. The west coast was attacked by Russia with their new Tritium bomb. The east coast was attacked by Germany and the U.K. with both countries dropping separate nuclear weapons. The earth became an atomic wasteland. All humans were decimated. Or were they?
In the year 2014 survivors of the nuclear fallout have begun to emerge in the U.S. On the east coast humans infected by the radiation of the combined nuclear weapons of Germany and the U.K. have become void of hemoglobin, this genetic mutation has forced the survivors to hunt for creatures to drain of their hemoglobin, turning these survivors into vampires. On the west coast the survivors of the tritium bomb experienced a separate genetic mutation. This mutation introduced the lycanthrope gene into their D.N.A. essentially turning them into werewolves.
As living creatures became scarce on the east coast the vampires began to move west. The vampires led by Viktor Lioncourt first encountered the lycans in New Mexico. Lioncourt’s group came upon a group of three lycans. The vampires attacked and the lycans were no match for the large group. After the attack the vampires noticed that the blood of the lycans was stronger and more intoxicating than other blood that they had come across. Because of this the vampire clan began attacking groups of lycans across the west coast.
Due to the attacks all lycans began to retreat to a shelter in Kingman, Arizona. The lycans led by Marcus Grievoux planned to turn the shelter into a defensive base assuming that the vampire clan did not have the strength to attack a large group of lycans. Grievoux also met with humans that had gone underground before the attacks. These humans were unaffected by any genetic mutation. Grievoux explained the situation to the human survivors and they agreed to align themselves with him.
Lioncourt learned of Grievoux’s plans and contacted members of the vampire community that still lived along the east coast. Lioncourt amassed an army of vampires to attack the lycan base. The lycans and the humans fortified the base preparing for the attack.
It has come down to this, a battled to see which new species is dominant. Will the vampires win, turning the lycans into livestock used only for consumption? Will the lycans win creating a new society with the surviving humans? Only time will tell.

Written By:
Adam Nicholas and Cody Volk

Entry Fee: $25 until January 21 for early entry
Air Fee: $15
Paint Prices: $55 for regular and $65 for premium
Some good prizes and fun. Come and join us.

**Compressed Air - up to 4500 psi. There will be no CO2 fills at this time. And an RV park is close by the field for those who will ride in their RV. We cannot allow parking for RV's at this time. EVENT IS FULLY INSURED**

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