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My Cuztom Vest Take a look at this baby damn is hot xD

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Post icon  Posted 11 November 2007 - 01:40 PM

Hey its me again and here are some pics from my Vest, is practicly new and is really confortable im very very pleased with it the only thing is the price hehe but my dad helped me on it.
I highly recomend this Vest the only problem is that you probably dont gonna like the price it worths like $500 but oh well it worths it. :wub:

Vest info:
Cordura Modular (M.O.D) Body armor
x6 MOD 2X Pouch
x1 MOD Medic Pouch
x1 M249 Mag Pouch and
x4 MOD Paintball Pod Pouch.

What is in the Vest?:
1 Motorola radio conected to a troath mic
Small toll kit incase that something happens to the marker
x3 Grenades (crappy tippmann swuad boosters)
2-6 140 round pots
16oz CO2 tank or HPA
And a camel back that i use under the vest, t gives me protection and hydratation, it is also confortable.


When i saw it: The first time i saw the best in the box i thought it was too small, i added every pouch on its place and then i put it on, i realized that the vest was perfect the medium size fits me perfect and is really really confortable then i had the idea to use the camelback under the vest and is more confortable!, i just adjusted the part of the lower chest because im skinny, then i decided to go to the local field and use it for the first time.

First time in the field: Everybody was facinated with my brand new vest everybody wanted to be in my team hehe. When the game started i felt wierd because this was the first full "body armor" ive used in paintball but it was confortable the only thing is that with all those pods the vest was very heavy for long woodsball games so i just played with 2 pods, with the pass of the time ithe vest velt very confortable, i made like 10 kills and i almost get hit like 5 times but the vest was so light that i could run and cover myself fast without getting hit then at the end of the day i was tired but very very pleased with the results of the new vest and i was happy that my $500 worth it. :(

The Good: This vest is really confortable. I can play the whole day without taking it off. By adjusting it 1 time i dont need to do it again. The straps to adjuts it never move. I can put everything I need to take to the field in the vest without the worries of loosing something. The vest is very easy to clean I just need water and detergent and its done. If the field is wet and there is dirt all over the place the pouches are water proof so they protect all my stuff specially the paintballs that i carry on the pots. The vest also has internal pockets to put ballistic plates on it that means that I can make it bullet proof and I can modifide it different everytime so I can carry different stuff. The materials are strong DuPont 1000-Denier / 500-Denier Cordura that are hard to brake and it can hold heavy stuff on it. This vest has "REAL" performance quality and durability. Many law enforcement, security and tactical training agencies currently using this vest.

The Bad: The vest is Woodland camo and the problem is that I use marpat and the woodland doesnt really look like a good combination but it still wrks combinated with MARPAT Pouches and outfit and it is still a good camo in the field so I can live with it. The vest is light for know but it can be very heavy if you add more stuff. I still need to play more with it cuz somethimes when im in the floor it fells wierd with all the pouches full of stuff under myself and my movement is kinda limited in the sides in the trenches but is just the lets call it practice after a while I will be able to handle it. The last bad thing is that it has like a carry handle on the back so my friends sometimes pull it when im using it and is really upseting :dry: haha but is not the big deal.

The Ugly: It doesnt cover my family jewells :( and i wont use a nut protector...


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Posted 12 November 2007 - 11:04 AM

There are circumstances where a period is your friend.

This is one.
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Posted 15 November 2007 - 03:07 PM

Hope you have a strong back. That looks heavy. But what ever you want.
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Posted 15 November 2007 - 07:25 PM

It looks cool. I would hate to use it because I dive and slide on my back so you can see where problems would come in there.

But I must say, I would rather spend $500 on upgrades for my gun or a new gun altogether instead of a vest.
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Posted 28 December 2007 - 08:47 AM

dude whyd you spend 500 bucks!?!?!?!
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