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Posted 08 November 2008 - 08:56 AM

Hey people

wat do you guys think of a q-loaded a5 and can you give me ideas for other upgrades


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Posted 08 November 2008 - 03:19 PM

i have been using a q loader for 2 years now with an A5. I have mine mounted under the barrel with the mod kit that attached it to where the stock front vertical grip goes. I have a barrel shroud that i use to hold onto the front of my marker because there is enough space between the q-pod and the barrel shroud to do so. You can hold onto the q pod but i prefer the feel of holding the shroud because it is a more natural and realistic feel. I play scenario games so i have 15 q pods and carry 9 when i am playing. i have one on the gun and 8 in my vest that it is set up to carry that many.
there is an issue with the q pods though. the plastic that the screw is made of is becoming brittle with time and i have 7 pods that the screw has broke down at the bottom. I am in the process of sending those and the other screws that are still working back to q loader for some new ones that are not as brittle. the screw is a black piece of plastic that kinda resembles and spiral stair case. the spring that causes the q pod to work goes inside of this inside the pod. i think q loader needs to use better plastic or make this part out of metal but i do not know if they will do so.

I do enjoy my q loader and it has made me be learn to shoot better becuase you only have 100 paintballs at a time. That cuts down on just spraying and hoping a paintball will hit another player. the q loader system is not a plug and play system. you have to take time to learn how it works and how to adjust it, as in the q pods. the pods come pre-winded but sometimes some adjustment is required so you have to learn how to do that. i made a motorized loader to fill my q pods because it does take a little longer to load a q pod. i can load all 15 of my pods in only 2-3 minutes. the loader that comes with the system that looks like a large kidney does take time to load pods. You can see the loader i made here: Q-pod motorized loader

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