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Flasc Micro Barrel Kit Initial Review. (will edit title as the rest comes out) Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 25 March 2011 - 09:31 AM

Hello Special Ops Forums, Our small group of ladies, Gentlemen. And of course the Forum Creepers, Stalkers, and the ultimate Forum Creeper, Tyger ( hello!!)

Today I will be going over my initial impressions of the Flasc Paintball's Micro Barrel Kit. As time moves on (tonight) I will be field testing the barrels, Doing Direct comparisons to other Barrels. And of course I shall be whoring (flasc if you believe in your product 100% then you'll be fine, IF you have any doubts, Pull this out of my hands Before I find em out! LOL) this barrel kit out to fellow players for their opinions, Thoughts and the durability.

Before I begin The picture Fest, I Must thank both Flasc Paintball FOR this barrel kit, and the Cat Shack Reports for the opportunity to use this barrel kit.

Righty, Little background Knowledge Flasc Paintball didnt just Toss a barrel onto the market and hope it worked, They did ALOT of testing and refining from the first generation barrels, On the site they have tonnes of stat sheets dealing with each barrel part and the changes that it makes, velocity, sound, grouping, efficiency ect ect. Which is always nice to know, why? Because they are using Information which we have found in the last few years which offer optimal performance in each situation. and that always translates into real world results.
The Porting Test
Gen 2 porting
First Strike Bore Testing

Lets Begin shall we? :tup:

The Micro Bore Barrel Kit comes in the Standard Flasc case. The exterior of the case is made of what seems to be nylon. Its not rigid by any means, flexible and it doesn't scratch. the Interior is Foam Pads with elastic Loops to hold Everything in place.

The Universal Case has Two sides to it, this allows much more to be put inside of it, But for now. lets focus on what we have.

Posted Image Posted Image

Inside the Case will come with the 5 Two 1/2inch bore sizes. (0.690) (0.687) (0.684) (0.681) (0.678)
The 9" Barrel Extension
The Tip of your Choice, ( I received the Wire Cutter Tip)
Threading in your choice of: Autococker, BT-4/A-5/X7, Smart Parts, Tippmann 98
Flasc Barrel Bag

Each item is individually wrapped in plastic, Flasc Is killing the world To give you the best and cleanest possible barrel. It would be a shame to ignore them.
(please recycle, OR Keep the plastic to cover other barrels or parts you sell. Gives it a REALLY nice BST touch)

Quick explanation, the "Control Bore" is the barrel itself, The "Tip" is of course the Tip, the Extension, what we would normally call the "Barrel" is used to enlarge the distance between the bore and the tip, you can have various sizes of Extensions, They can stack upon each other.
The Order is:
Extension (or Extensions)

For example, If I wanted a 14" Barrel I would Use my 2.5 Control Bore, 9" Extension and the Tip. (roughly 14") If I wanted to make that longer, I would add the 3 Inch Extension to the 9, then add the tip onto the 3 Inch, If I wanted even Longer, I'd purchase a 5 Inch instead.

The Three and Five Extensions are sold in No porting, Single Porting and Double Porting (usefull for creating small barrels, have a 5" No porting with a 3" Ported. This maintains your efficiency through letting the ball accelerate the first 5" plus the bore

the Nine inch Extension has Gen 2 porting, which is the one row of single, one row of double. you can choose to have the Tip threaded, ( for adding those B.A tips, OR none threaded to keep the traditional looks of the barrel (Great for Air-ball Guys.)

here is my Barrel.
Posted Image

and Here is my barrel with the Extension
Posted Image

Now, Here are some quick pictures of the threading
The Bore into the extension
Posted Image

The Extension into the tip
Posted Image

Quick Note: The Threading is the same for for tips like the J&J tips or the CP Tips, ALTHOUGH its longer, so you can screw on your current J&J tip, BUT you will have threading showing. (plus the Flasc Tips are just so much nicer!!!) Nice way to keep your current barrels up to date

Beauty picture of Tac-One with the Tip right into the Bore control.
Posted Image

The Finish on the barrels is Fantastic, No blemishes, No cuts, Scrapes or ugly things. mirror right down the center.
Posted Image

Right, Now initial Reviews displeasures:
First Every barrel doesn't come without cons. and I will admit, The Flasc Barrel kit Presents itself as a Great barrel. Although, here are the things which I think could move it up a notch even further.

1: The problem with small bore sizers is the "shroud" problem, Flasc fixes this by simply letting you purchase the control Bores (which are longer, and dont get stuck) BUT what if your like me and have a 2.5" shroud, with a 2.5" long control Bore...

Posted Image

Could be an Issue.
Normally people will fix this by Adding a O-ring between the Barrel and the Bore, Taping down the connection, and hoping that when you unscrew your barrel. The Bore comes with.
(note: there IS a groove which allows you to put a O-ring onto the Control bore.) as seen if First Picture.
Posted Image
Posted Image

My suggested Fix? Not Reverse Threading, Why? Because when you screw in the barrel you unscrew the control, and when you screw in the control You unscrew the Barrel. REALLY annoying and always leads to wobble barrel.

I say, a "lock and Key" method. Say what? Simple, if the Control Bore had a "Lock" or simply a few grooves or shapes ( like triangles, or squares) cut into the Outer Diameter and your Tip. (lets say a new tip.. "The Pick" or "Sherlock" or some other sleuthy name, had the "key" those grooves, triangles or squares. The tip would insert (even a few Millimeters) lock into the Bore, and would allow you to unscrew it.

THIS would be awesome, because you could ensure your barrel is tight by righty tighty the entire thing, then when unscrewing it you simply remove the barrel, flip it around and use the Tip to unscrew the Bore. The Bore would NEVER be stuck inside and your "Key" would always be as long as you needed it to be, because its the length of your barrel. not long enough? Grab a extension. EASY.

If I had ONE real world issue, that didnt have a solution ready to go.
My 0.684 Bore had a rough journey. I'll be dropping Flasc a Note to see If I can pick up a new Back, (I might get myself a new tip too!)
Posted Image

Anyways, let the Testing begin! I will update this, and of course ask a moderator to change the title after a bit. (hopefully they will. I have cookies!)
Thank you For your Time, and the time you will have to read the Updates.

Update 1: Weapons testing Edit 1.0
As I ref I get the chance to meet plenty of people. and people have markers. and many of them are autococker threaded. So I hand em off to people Who I see. let them use it for the day, and then ask for impressions and thoughts. hey, might as well abuse the barrel as I have it eh? this barrel WILL be put up against the best, If I see someone with a Full blown Carbon fiber barrel kit or the newest and greatest kit Im making a straight line to them.

Marker used: Ego 8
direct barrel comparison: Shaft kit with 0.684 back
verdict: Compared to the stock ego barrel, the flasc was quite the change, first off the wirecutter tip made it look bad ass. so smiles were seen right after screwing it on, the velocity was fairly similar no real change, although the sound was changed, using the 0.681 back the ego seemed to have more of a "clap" defiantly louder then the stock barrel, but from standing on the side the clap was much deeper. so, hey, sound deformation eh. the owner used it for aboot 3 hours. (I was reffing) first few games he missed everything in sight (LOL, happens with all barrels) but after that he got used to it and said he enjoyed it quite a bit. plus he loved the look so much, being an apex user he said he would check out the 9" control back and toss on a 3" double ported extension. plus his apex.

Marker used: Trilogy Sport Pro
Direct Barrel Comparison: Stock barrel, J5J 2 piece (12" with a 8" 0.690 bore)
Verdict: Love.
we all (and by all I mean the owner, me and like ten renters who followed us onto the field.... lol silly renters)
Saw direct improvement over the stock barrel, the velocity was immediately raised by about 10 FPS on average. the noise went from the Autococker pop right to the smooth "shhtt - chk" sound. I swear to god it cut the sound in half. totally different effect from the Ego. The velocity was a little more consistent (he was using field paint so Don't expect laser beams)
he was immediately impressed, after a few games He asked me about the kit a little more, Flasc. Im pretty sure I got you a sale. :P)

Marker Used: Ego 7
Direct Barrel Comparison: Freak kit (14" with 0.689 insert)
Verdict: the freak kit seems to be priced high...
The owner enjoyed the barrel kit, will he buy one, with his freak kit already on the marker. eh maybe not. but he said he would remember flasc for his Tiberius barrel (now they have the whole Tiberius bore kit out.. he will be impressed) Over the freak kit the sound, like the Ego 8 seemed to go from a swoosh back to that crisp clap. and of course move to the side of the marker about 20 feet and the sound changes the further away you are from the shooters position. Perfect otherwise, with DXS silver you could see the barrel shine, velocity was a little more consistent then the freak (which actually surprised me I was hoping it would at least tie it, it actually one up'ed it) the grouping was pretty much the same in game, after a Few rounds the owner got used to the barrel and of course. on an Ego, something about the wirecutter tip. just makes it look Amazing. for some Reason.

Marker Used: Empire Traccer
Direct Barrel Comparison: Stock
Verdict: The back "flare" doesn't fit down the pump arm. sad face for flasc. But the straight barrels should be able to fit without issue.


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Posted 25 March 2011 - 10:18 AM

This kit is excellent!

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Posted 05 April 2011 - 10:45 AM

Update 1. Weapons Testing added for a few markers.

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