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#1 Guest_SpecialOpsScott_*

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Posted 16 November 2012 - 01:23 PM

Ok, everyone. I want everybody to start thinking about next year. In this thread, I encourage people to post information about scenarios and events upcoming in 2013. Any events that you find out about (or are putting on yourself) are welcome to be posted here. Please include as much information about the event as possible. All posts should have the following at a minimum:

Event Name:
Event Date:
Event Location: (Field Name and Address)
Event Pricing: (Field fee, Paint prices, rentals, etc.)
Event Description: Here is where you post details such as format (8 hour scenario, 24 hour scenario,etc.), as well as things such as storyline for the scenario, special promotions happen at the event, and any other important details. Also, if the game itself or the field holding the event have their own web pages, feel free to link them here as well!

It doesn't matter if you post info about well known games such as Oklahoma D-Day, or smaller games at more local fields. The goal of this thread is to inform people about the games going on in the upcoming year, so you folks can start planning for them now. Let's make 2013 one for the ages folks!

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Posted 16 November 2012 - 01:47 PM

Here is an example of how to do an event. (Note: This is an actual event in 2013)

Event Name:Valken Presents the March Meltdown "Fight for Earth"
Event Date: March 24 and 25, 2013
Event Location:EMR Paintball Park

Event Pricing:(From EMR Website)The cost per player for Entry is ONLY $20 if Pre-paid by 3/9/12 for the entire weekend of play or $30 at the event. ALL ENTRY FEES INCLUDE CHOICE OF UNLIMITED CO2 & COMPRESSED AIR or the Standard Rental Package consisting of a TIPPMANN 98 Semi-Auto Marker, Goggles, CO2 Bottle, and CO2. The Weekend Fee includes: Doctor Who: FIGHT FOR EARTH One Day Scenario on Saturday, playing in the Scheduled Field Open Play on Sunday, and/or playing with the Pump-Only Group. For groups of 25 or more players that prepay by 3/9/12 at one time as one group, there is a $5 per player discount and the organizer or Team Captain gets free entry. For groups of 50 or more players that prepay by 3/9/12 at one time as one group, there is a $10 per player discount and two organizers or Team Captains get free entry.
PAINTBALLS for ACME WARS will be VALKEN Winter Paintballs and will sell for $61.32 per case of 2000 plus 6% PA sales tax: Total $65.00 per case. If you pay cash for a case of paintballs at the event, there is a cash discount making the price per case $56.60 plus 6% PA sales tax: Total $60.00 per case. Because of the discounted price, there will be no bulk discounts for this game. Also no paint chips will be handed out, only cases of paint.

Event Description:(From EMR Website) 7 Hour Scenario Game. Inspired by the long running BBC SciFi show “DOCTOR WHO”, TYGUR is bringing you the battle of good versus evil where the Doctor will be facing his ultimate rivals, the Daleks. The Daleks are a race of cybernetic beings bent on ruling the universe and eliminating all other races and they have come for Earth. The Doctor has stopped them in the past, even when the odds were extremely against him, but this time, he will need all the help he can get. The game will include missions, Doctor Who inspired props to collect, and Flag Stations to hold for points.

A Link the the event's webpage can be found here.

#3 Guest_SpecialOpsScott_*

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Posted 20 December 2012 - 11:39 AM

Event Name: Fulda Gap
Event Date: January 5th, 2013
Event Location: The Badlandz Paintball Field. 306 West Elms Court Lane Crete, IL 60417
Event Pricing: Pre-Register: $65 w/case of paint. B.Y.O.P: $35. At the door: $80 w/case of paint.
Event Description: More info forthcoming.

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Posted 02 March 2013 - 11:15 AM

Join The Black Hand!

Event Name: Modern Warrior: Aftermath
Event Date: Mar. 22,23, and 24, 2013
Event Location: White River Paintball - Anderson,IN
Event Pricing:

Entry Pricing

$55 per person, before March 10th

$70 per person, after March 10th


Entry includes:

- 3 day field admission pass
- Event wristband
- Player ID Card
- Map of the playing field
- Rules of the event
- Door prize entry card
- 3 day camping pass

(Unlimited Air/C02 fills included automatically with paint purchase)

Paintball Pricing

Draxxus Custom and RPS Custom Paintballs (Field Paint Only):
$65 – Per Case of 2,000

NOTE: We will be offering custom field paint from both Draxxus and RPS. There will be ample quantities of both brands available for purchase at the event.

Rental Equipment

Full equipment rental (gun, mask, tank, pack) – $7 per day
Sniper Upgrade w/full equipment rental – $12 per day
Rambo Upgrade w/full equipment rental – $25 per day

Event Description:
After the defeat of the Rebel Faction and assassination of their commander in 2012, a power struggle between two emerging assassin guilds has begun. The Black Hand and the Brotherhood of the Skull are ruthless in their attempts to seize power of what remains of the Rebel Faction and its nuclear arsenal. Choose your side carefully, for there can be only one victor in this deathmatch of elite warriors…

Join us for one of the most popular scenario events in the Midwest – Modern Warrior: Aftermath…



Prizes include:

5 US Army Tactical Paintball Guns
3 Tippmann X7 Paintball Guns
Tippmann Hats, T-shirts and Barrel Bags
140 Round Pods and Squeegees
White River Paintball Hats and T-shirts
Extreme Rage, Empire, BT and Pure Energy Paintball Gear
Vforce Goggles and Draxxus Paintball Gear
Techt Paintball Products

Black Hand Forces Command Staff:

Black Hand Commander – Nathan Edwards – NateEddy14@gmail.comEmail me

Black Hand Forces Facebook Page – www.facebook.com/groups/369381896486068/

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Posted 20 March 2013 - 04:46 PM

April 13th and 14th 2013 TECH WARS at TXR Paintball presented by Viper Paintball!
10 days left OF PREGISTRATION. $50.00 entry $65.00 paint $15.00 Air if paid before April 30th! Register online Today
BE PART of the BIGGEST SCENARIO in TEXAS in the last 10+ years! Come Join in this Epic Scenario game that includes video games and paintball all at one time!
Register Today http://www.txrpaintb...-scenario-games
Posted Image
This year our annual "Texas Revolution" event should be crazy! We have two commanders who have been waiting to face off for Years! Now it's time! Join over 50 already Commited Scenario teams that will be in Houston! Come join this Epic Battle.

Your commanders will be
Robert Duhon and Grant Taylor leading Federated Suns (blue)!
Immortal Spyro Riggs and Bunny Riggs leading the Draconis (RED)
The smack talk alone should be epic!
Join Teams from all over the Country in this epic battle. No matter whom you are playing for Get Registered for this Epic Twisted Game from Viper Paintball!
EARLY BIRD is over! This is the Largest Early Bird in many years for TEXAS SCENARIO paintball. AS OF 3/16/13 THERE WAS 309 ONLINE REGISTRATIONS!
Pre Reg ends 3/30/13 Total is $130 Entry (50) paint (65) and air (15).
Walk-on is $150 Entry (60) paint (65) and air (15)
Register today and SAVE $15.00 over walking on!
Each additional Case of paint is $65.00
Pre-registration is now open for Texas Revolution 2013: "Tech Wars" at TXR Paintball in Houston April 13 & 14! After having over 560 players at our event there last November we fully expect to have 750+ players at this event. Come join the fun!


• Okay are you ready for another radical new twist for Viper’s annual “Texas Revolution” event at TXR Paintball?

This year we bring you “Tech Wars.” Based in the future, corporations are now the governments. Without politics to get in their way these corporations have decimated the Earth’s resources. Fossil fuels, minerals, even agricultural lands are virtually unusable. As resources ran out the corporations raced to get off the planet in order to mine (pillage) other nearby moons and planets to feed their fight for ultimate control of Earth.

Ultimately they all chose the most promising planets and moons, and so the battle spilled out into space as many of them landed on the same celestial bodies. They built enormous machines with which to fight on the ground for the resources that they so...

Pre Reg ends 3/30/13 Total is $130 Entry (50) paint (65) and air (15).
Walk-on is $150 Entry (60) paint (65) and air (15)
Register today and SAVE $15.00 over walking on!
Each additional Case of paint is $65.00
Register Today http://www.txrpaintb...-scenario-games
Robert King Spam Duhon


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