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Would these improve my 98c. internal upgrades Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 14 March 2009 - 08:38 AM

I am wondering how much these internal upgrades will actually improve the accuracy and performance of my 98c. Are they worth the cost because i also want to get a PPS 14" ported black matte barrel. That right there will run me up around $150.00. So i just need to know if i should get the barrel first or the internals. If there is something better internally that you think i should consider just tell me. Thanks

JCS Blew Tube

Titanium Hammer (bolt)

Maddman Spring Kit

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Posted 14 March 2009 - 09:21 AM

They might give you improvement, but I doubt it would be enough to notice.

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Posted 14 March 2009 - 08:01 PM

Whats the rest of your setup look like so far, is it stock
Heres what I reccomend

Start with a barrel first, its just about the best and most effective thing you can add onto the Model 98 custom try to get a 12" or 14" as those provide the best accuracy and effeciency to length ratio

Barrels: Do some more research there are alot of barrels out there, I would try to find one cheaper than the PPS brass, i dont have anything against them but the money could be better spent elsewhere.

-The aluminum JCS tube is nice if you are running CO2 alot because it wont crack like the stock one and you get a derlin front bolt. Dont expect HUGE gains in accuracy or efficiency, The only thing I really got out of the whole thing was a durable powertube and less ball breaks.
-Dont even buy any kind of hammer Techt, or titanium, those are basically BMO's, blow money on. The stock one is just fine and lasts forever.

Triggers and firepower:
-Assuming you play woodsball I would get the response trigger which runs on excess gas wth no batteries or electronics to worry about. Unless you play tournies the egrip is more of a hassle than anything trust me i had mine and hated it.
-Double Triggers are alright i would only reccomend getting them after you get done upgrading everything else.

Stocks and remotes:
-A stock is a personal preference, i can use both but prefer not having one.
-Remote Line is a must if you play alot of woodsball and have a pod pack or vest with a spot for a tank.

-A force feed such a velocity, halo, ricochet apache, will help keep your marker fed.

heres what i ran before i sold everything
-98 custom response or etrigger
-techt fang trigger
-Stiffi 14" carbon fiber barrel
-JCS tube and front bolt
-Cyclone or ricochet apache hopper
-Car Stock and remote with spec ops vest

This is not what you need to run or the things you need to buy but its just some suggestions

The best deals are found on ebay so i would reccomend getting on there and try to find some stuff.

Hope all that Helps

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Posted 14 March 2009 - 11:18 PM

I would definitely get the spring kit. Using the right spring can make a pretty nice increase in efficiency, especially for the price of a kit.

I would put more importance on the barrel than the internals. To be honest I would just stick with the stock internals. Most people will have no noticeable improvement with aftermarket internals, despite what manufacturers like to claim. In several cases they cause more problems than what they're worth. An aluminum powertube is only really useful if you plan on either running liquid CO2 or happen to be running CO2 in very cold weather since the plastic one has a tendency to crack under high pressures.

Palmer's barrels are extremely well crafted. If you're looking to save some money, getting an unported barrel for a 98 custom isn't a bad choice. The porting helps with sound, but it will never make a 98 custom a quite marker. I would just let it ring out with an unported one. Despite the myths, there is no performance difference.
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