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Lucky Ion Stage 4 with MAC noid Another review

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Posted 29 September 2006 - 09:22 AM

I posted my review of the Spitfire with SP noid before and it can be found HERE. In the other thread, are the links and prices, as well as the pictagraphs.

I recently acquired the same board with the MAC noid and will add my comments about it too.

For all intents and purposes, the board is the same...the Noid is the only difference.

I opened the packaging and found the board, noid, hoses and the special banjo needed for the use of this noid. I'm a mental midget when it comes to electronics so this board looks like any other to me :unsure:. Obviously, the noticable differences are the dip switch pack that isn't found on a stock board.

Removing the SP noided Spitfire from the marker was easy. Installing the MAC noided board was just as easy as installing the other. :)

With the board out of the marker, I plugged in the noid, the battery clip (I didn't get the membrane pad adapter but it too should be installed at this time) and checked the dip switches. I slid the board in place and like the other version, it went in without a hiccup. (NOTE: I opened the trigger to allow the board to slide in/out easily). The wiring for the noid is generously long and allows you to run it well out of the way of everything else that could affect it.

I screwed in the special banjo, attached the other hoses (Clippard QEV) and reassembled the marker. My Stage 5 body fits nice and flush to the frame (as it should), reset the trigger and aired her up. No leaks!!

Settings are the same as with the SP noided board but the CPS is supposed to be faster (by 21 CPS?? or so) so I set the bps to 35 bps right away (wanting to compare/verify it to BAMF-Hacker's settings), set the reg, adjusted the dwell down and threw on the VLocity loader.

Testing the dwell, I set it to 1ms. It completely cycles! Knowing that a lower dwell gives irradic readings at the chrono, I set it up at 7ms. I later changed it up to 9ms.

I used Hurricane paint, VLocity loader and Freak barrel system. My chronograph is a Shooting Chrony cronograph and set the fps to 280.

Wow...it's a slightly different sound using this noid but the marker shot frikking fast.

The VLocity was at setting 8 and the batteries weren't exactly fully charged so I got a few "error" flashes from the board (feed errors) because the hopper couldn't keep up. I'm fairly sure it could have if I used freshly charged batteries though.

I was going to try for 40 bps but when I looked at my tank gauge, I had about 600 psi left so I didn't even try. I know the VLocity WON'T keep up so I'll have to rig my QLoader up to it when I do. It's going to be a while before I get air so I will have to update this at that later time.

I like how the noid is separate from the board and that the board can be removed without removing the noid and vice versa (except for detaching the hoses).

I like how all the barbs are brass.

I like how the board settings are done through the trigger. The dip switches are the tourney locks (basicly) and you really only need to access them when necessary but it's a bit tight in between the board and the frame. If you intend to move the dips often, invest in a dental pick with a small arc in the tip so you can get in there to change them.

Overall, I give the MAC Noided Spitfire a 2 thumbs up. :D
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