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Post icon  Posted 17 May 2009 - 02:41 PM

I just thought we could compare field rules with each other.

Here's PBC's Rules:

GOGGLES! GOGGLES! GOGGLES!!!! Keep them on your face at all times when you're on the field. ASTM Approved Full face and ear protection is required. BARREL BLOCKING DEVICES... BARREL BLOCKING DEVICES... BARREL BLOCKING DEVICES... Keep them on your marker anytime you're eliminated or off the field. Do not feel bad to holler "Barrel Sock!" at any person in any goggles-off area, to put their barrel blocking device on. You have a right to expect others to respect your eyesight! These safety rules are as much up to you to enforce as they are us. Remember the first rule of paintball: PLAY SAFE!

Playing Tip: Follow the "Goggles and Barrel Blocking Device" rules or you'll be removed from the event.
There is absolutely no marker repair or work on paintball markers to be done in the public rest areas or anywhere there are people without goggles on (protective eyewear). All repairs should be done at the chronograph range or in your campsite with a barrel blocking device on your marker at all times. There is no firing of paintballs allowed anywhere other than on the field (during game-on) and in the chronograph area.

No physical contact with other players is allowed. No cursing or unsportsmanlike conduct is allowed. Cheating, although rare in these types of events, does and can happen. If you witness cheating on the field, keep your standards high! Don't ever stoop to a cheater's level. Keep in mind who you saw doing this and let them know you saw them. Peer pressure is a very powerful thing.
Player Tip: Is your reputation worth a few extra minutes of game time? Play Fair! Play Stand-Up Ball!

All decisions of the field judging staff pertaining to play are final. Under no circumstances is anyone permitted to ARGUE with a field judge. Doing so is grounds for expulsion from the event. If you have a problem with a call by a referee, remember: It's only a game!
Take ANY grievance to the ultimate judge or game operations director.
Playing Tip: Speak clearly and calmly with the referees to get the most positive results. Yelling or shouting will earn you a ref punch and a trip to the dead box muy pronto or worse.
Direct hits making a quarter-size mark during the day is an elimination. If you're carrying something and it's hit, you're eliminated! Gun hits count! Splatter does not count. At night all HITS / IMPACTS count; there are no paint checks at night. Saying "Hit" and indicating you're hit by putting your barrel blocking device on your marker or raising your marker over your head indicates you are eliminated.

Leaving the field or walking out of bounds is the same as being eliminated. Once you step outside the area of play, you are eliminated. There is no going out of bounds then coming back in. Any player leaving the field of play must wait until the next insertion window then re-insert into the game at the team insertion point.

Playing Tip: At night, after you're eliminated, it is a good idea to yell "eliminated player walking" or "dead man walking" every 10 to 15 paces or so, as you're exiting the field. This will keep that sniper that is lying in the grass from shooting you as you walk off the field. No medics at night. If you're hit, walk off the field; don't wipe! Your reputation is way more valuable!
During a paint check, a referee will examine the player and make the determination whether the player is eliminated or alive. Do not call a paint check on a player then advance on that player! You will be penalized, (20 minute hospital time ... you will get to walk). All players should continue play during a paint check unless the referee calls the player neutral.

In a game of this magnitude - with the huge numbers of players - it is virtually impossible to have a referee at every conceivable location. Here, cooperation between players is key. Ask your buddy to check you. And, if you're hit, walk and don't talk or advise players. Everyone should remember you're never off the field for more than 20 minutes at a time, maximum. Play fair and walk as you would want the other player to walk should you have marked them.

Playing Tip: Dead men don't talk... Play fair... Play honest, stand-up ball. Check yourself first! Reach back and find a blob of paint? Call yourself out and walk. Go get that air refill or drink of water you've been wanting.
You should immediately call out "HIT!" in a loud voice and continue to do so while putting on your BBD (barrel blocking device). Leave the field by the safest direct route while continuing to call out your status as a dead player. If you are in an area that is taking heavy fire - such as a bunker with other players or in your base while it's under heavy assault - get your gun up as high as possible and get out of the way fast! Do not talk, hand equipment or ammunition to your teammates and do not continue to participate in radio chatter about on-field events. You are DEAD and dead men can no longer help their team. If you are holding a mission card and you have teammates nearby who were on the same mission as you, you MAY hand the mission card to one of them so that they may complete the mission. Proceed to the hospital zone to await the next insertion time, or to the staging area to reload on fluids, ammo & air.
Playing Tip: During big battles, you may continue to be shot at after you're
hit IF you don't get out of the way fast! Move out of the lines of fire
quickly and then search your pockets for your BBD (barrel blocking device).
Surrender: It's a double option. Under 20 feet in distance, all players should offer the surrender call. The receiving player also has the option to surrender or turn and attempt to shoot. Look at surrenders like a chess match: with checkmate you never have to take the king in a game of chess. If you've out-maneuvered the other player, you should be in a position that no matter what, they're going to take the hit.

Playing Tip: This should not become a discussion. Ask, "Take the Hit! Three, two, one," then pull the trigger if they have not responded by yelling "Hit," "dead man" or putting their marker high up in the air. If you are offered a surrender by a player who has out-maneuvered you, turning and firing only demonstrates that you are a less-than-honorable player. They have done the sportsmanlike thing and offered. Be equally sportsmanlike and accept the option.

Barrel Tag is not an option. Once a player touches you with a barrel and says "barrel tag," you are eliminated and MUST take the walk. No point in pulling the trigger when you have a barrel pressed against your side. Do not HIT a player with your barrel! A gentle tap will do!

When a game is allowed off-gun barrel tags, the barrels are to be no shorter than 10 inches in length. The barrels must be in plain sight (not inside pockets, socks, satchels or bags). A barrel tap must be made on one player at a time, with the words "barrel tag" being said each time by the attacker.

Playing Tip: Thank the kind player for not shooting you at point-blank range, then walk!!!

During nighttime play, the following rules are in effect:
Verify the lowered night time chrono speed and lower your marker velocity prior to going on the field. Make sure a referee has given you the appropriate chrono punch on your ID Badge.

There are no paint checks at night. All hits count - the ball does not have to break.

There are no medics at night.

Paint Grenades do not work at night.

No players are allowed to carry or use cylumes (glowsticks). These are reserved for the reffing staff and field boundaries. Players caught with cylumes will be asked to leave the event with no refunds. Infra-red cylumes are the only exception.
Radio espionage is allowed with the STRICT exception of the judges' channel. Messages on the command channel are in code, so LISTENING isn't a problem; it serves no purpose. Jamming of command channels is prohibited, resulting in ejection from the event.

Monitoring of the judges' channel is STRICTLY prohibited and will result in IMMEDIATE ejection from the event due to the fact that the urgency of the decisions makes coding them illogical and impossible.

Playing Tip: Monitoring teams' / players' personal radio transmission on the field can give you valuable information. Monitoring the Judge channel will get you ejected from the event.

Unaltered, ASTM approved, full-face shields and ear protection on all goggle systems. NO yellow goggles allowed for players. This is reserved for field staff and referees only.
Barrel Blocking Device (BBD) and/or Barrel Condoms, velocity locks, pants, shirt & shoes, trigger guards are required due to insurance regulations. In 2003, Barrel Plugs are no longer generally accepted as a usable safety device.
Canteens, flashlights, night scopes, infrared illuminators, thermal imagers, Q-beams, Alice packs, leaf-o-flauge, stocks, point sights, aim sights, squeegees, scopes, night vision equipment, CBs, radios - UHF or VHF, walkie-talkies, barrel rain covers, Ghillie Suits.
Extra pair of worn-in boots; extra socks; "energy" foods with complex carbohydrates; first-aid kit; marker tools; lots of non-alcoholic liquids: water, sports drinks, juices. Alcohol dehydrates your body and can pose a serious health risk when playing a physically demanding sport like paintball. For this reason, the consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited between 2 a.m. Saturday morning to end of game Sunday.
Heavy clothing which is designed to promote bounces; shields of any kind; unbreakable trip wires; air horns; cylumes; knives; ropes; whistles; hot-burning smoke; pyrotechnics; firearms; laser sights; crossbows; sling shots; BB guns. When in doubt, ask the game management. Any device designed to raise or lower the velocity of a paint marker (tools, adjustable barrels without locking caps) are prohibited on the field of play. NO predominantly yellow or orange shirts, jerseys allowed. This is reserved for field staff and referees only. If this is in doubt check with event management.

Playing Tip: When in doubt on what is allowed or prohibited, ask game management.

Sixty-eight (.68) caliber markers meeting game management specifications. Due to safety factors and insurance regulations, game management reserves the right to disallow the use of any paintball marker or paintball launching system. All paint markers must be fired through a radar chronograph. Maximum velocity is not to exceed two hundred-eighty (280) feet per second (FPS) daytime limit and two hundred-fifty (250) FPS night time limit. Any markers that can be adjusted without tools need a velocity lock-down or "tourney-cap." Full-auto paintball markers (including zip and burst) are allowed during DAY PLAY ONLY (FULL AUTO IS DEPENDENT ON CURRENT FIELD INSURANCE POLICY) provided they meet our safety requirements (max Rate Of Fire is 11 Balls Per Second) and the player understands the concept of "Overshooting," and the possible consequences overshooting entails. Be responsible! Don't overshoot! All markers must be in SEMI- AUTO mode only at NIGHT.
Tippmann style, Atomic or Strange Ordinance style. One speck of paint from these types of grenades is an elimination. No grenades allowed at night.

ALL ghillie suits must be inspected and approved by the game director prior to entering the field of play. If you are wearing a ghillie suit, ALL direct hits/impacts count during day and night play. No paint checks! One direct impact = you're gone.

God Bless,

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