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Glory Stories We all have em so it's time to hear em. Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 10 February 2007 - 08:12 PM

Ok guys we all have those stories of when we were holding three bunkers so our guys could move up or how we took out an attacking force while on "D". So lets here em and give ourselves some of the credit for the jobs we do so well. ;)

The best I can think of so far is a game it was near the end of the game and the mission was to get the general to the enemy base and get him close enough to touch. I was set to go in and keep heads down until my squad thought that I'd be better suited to go kind of secret service and escort our general. I didn't like the idea that I was soley in charge of making sure the general survived to get to the base, but when duty calls. The general and I hung back a little and let the fire fight get under way in a big way I then opened up with my A5 and started painting bunkers. The general stuck right behind me acting almost like a spotter which turned out to be very handy he yells I paint. through the battle I helped several others stuck under heavy fire and even took a small part in what I thought would have been a suicide mission one of our guys wanted cover for a charge on the base so I yelled for more cover and he took off made it into the enemy base and cleared three out of it before beig taken out himself during the confusion of the rush we ran our general up and made contact with the base to win the game. Never again will the american forces take the insergents so lightly.

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Posted 11 February 2007 - 04:10 PM

The best Glory story that I can think of was at my classes 8th grade graduation party. I think it was around the 19th of May and we played about 3 or 4 games that day. Anyways, we had games of 6 vs 6 or 7 vs 7 and towards the beginning of the 3rd game I was instructed by our commander to go down the left side of the playing field with one of my other buddies and lay some heavy fire to push their team over so my other teamates could come out of the woods and ambush them. When my buddy and I went down the left, 2 of our enemies tried to stop our foward progression by laying down heavy fire on us to eventually eliminate us one by one. Unfortunatly, the enemy had tippmanns with flateline barrells, so they had a long ball range. After a few minutes of swaping fire, we eliminated the opposition and continued to move forward. Once we came upon their base that was surrounded by trees, 2 more came out, but we quikely took them out and moved towards the right of the playing field. We "rinsed-and-repeated" until the whole team was out. By the time the rest of our team came out of the woods there were no enemies left. I took out about 4 people and my buddy took out about 3 people.

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Posted 12 February 2007 - 11:53 PM


Oh yeah there was the time in a scenario when we had to capture a pilots body from a downed black hawk in the middle of a city. I ran straight through the enitre city past all the buildings and did not get shot once. I made it all the way to the black hawk shot the 5 guys "gaurding it" and put a rope around the pilots body. I dragged him all the way out the other end of the city. There were no guys on the other side since our main offensive came from the oppisite side. I got MVP for that game.

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Posted 14 February 2007 - 09:38 PM

This one time, I was off to the five o' clock of a bunker with two newbs behind it, and me and my other Broadsword friend sat there watching them pop off as we completely painted the bunker in yellow paint. Eventually we got bored of watching them pop up every 2 minutes and fire randomly, so we ran to the side and flanked them, getting one kid, and making the other kid bleed.

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Posted 16 February 2007 - 05:35 PM

Iwas playing on a 10 vs 50 game (experience vs. Massive numbers) It was getting dark, so people had issues telling teams, so I decided to take a wide flank to the right, (i am a hybrid sniper, i have a fast gun, and i am stealthy) and I fround atleast 10 people sitting in a bunker, aNd i just brought my gun up, and gave them a proffesional paintjob. I then walked through, acting as if nothing happened, and met back up with my team. A ref told me thatthey were diong reinsertions, so i split up with my team and repeated the maneuver. I however got lit up when i was running away. That game, i had a 30-2 kill ratio. It was awesome.

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Posted 07 December 2007 - 06:30 PM

my fried wrote a small one just to try and convince me to get a A5 instead of a 98c

obviously it was made up but interesting none the less.

" mike and paul hold the base from the advancing waves as we are the only surviving players, Shooting full auto mike runs out of paint and calls to paul, paul throws him a pod as he suppresses the oncoming wave single handedly

mike drops the pods and signals to paul to flank around as he draws them to one side, paul ducks out the rear of the base and runs to the rear of the advancing force line where we walkies in that hes in position

mike give the green light and paul unloads his hopper at 15bps, reloading with his remaining two pods. He teams up in sync with mike to unleash the final wall of paint, exploding on contact of the intruders.

They are victorious "

he then when on to tell me that that wouldn't be possible without the a5...but i know it could easily be done with almost anything

(ps. please pm me about what gun to get....im very indecisive but witch ever i get i will be upgrading it slowly so ya)

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