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Posted 03 April 2010 - 10:54 AM

Moving Too Fast

When you move too fast, two things happen. First, your awareness goes down. Second, when moving too fast you attract visual attention. If you have to move, particularly when you are camouflaged in waiting, do it slowly, very slowly.

Moving Too Sloppy

We are a society of the 7 second attention span. When sitting in wait or when moving in a high-ready stalk, limit your movements to the bare necessities. Get used to letting mosquitoes bite you. Get used to sweat dripping in your eye. Build up your tolerance. Limit your movements. Get efficient.

Moving Too Much Like You’re Wandering Aimlessly At The Mall With A Double Scoop Waffle Cone In Your Hand

Put on your tactical paintball sniper mindset. I like to call it “stacking the real”. You ARE in danger. You ARE the only thing that stands between harm and your teammates. The more you can convince your mind of the reality of your training, the more your mind will direct your body to respond. In the words of the cruel but deadly tactician, Ghengis Khan: “As you train, so shall you fight.”

I’ve seen tons of people dressed like a “paintball sniper”. I’ve seen tons of people put on the camouflage and wander the trails of the woodsball field thinking they’re invisible but moving like orangutans. I’ve seen very few people with the discipline to do what it takes to really play a tactical paintball sniper game.

This is a summary of my published article. You can read the whole thing here:


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Posted 04 April 2010 - 06:52 PM

I would also like to remind players not to dawdle. A sniper is a great asset, but only if he is in a position to support his team. If you spend 20 minutes working your way to a "hide site" in a 30 minute game, you're not being a big help. Move slowly but deliberately. Know exactly where you plan on moving to, and exactly what you will do once you get there. Hopefully, that plan entails more than, "I'll wait by the trail and ambush guys who might come down." It should be more like, "My squad is stuck in a 50/50 firefight at mid-field, I'll try to make it to the opfor's flank and break the deadlock. I can't waste time though, my team might be gone by the time I get there if I move to slowly."

If you're part of an organized squad, always keep yourself in a position to support your squad. If you're a walk-on, make sure you're always trying to actively help your team achieve their objectives.
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