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Broadsword Custom Vest done in OmniPat Just........ Wow.

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Posted 08 May 2008 - 08:08 PM

Since it was tax refund time a few months ago, I decided it was finally time to break down and get a new vest. I had been using a stock SO Broadsword vest in Specops Digi for quite some time, it served me well and will continue doing my brother its duty. Due to various body fit reasons (tall and lanky, stock SO vest are either too short or too big in the chest even with all the adjustments, mine was on the too short side), custom was the only way to go. Since Omni-pat was new and shiny, I elected to go with that.

The specops vest builder doesn't include Omni-Pat as of yet (their prolly working on it) so to the phone I went with some things in mind. Most of its options on the vest builder, but theres a few that really were custom.

Standard options.
Integrated sling
Padded shoulders
Zipper front
Adjustable shoulders
6 Pod horizontal + air tank on the back (I've had pod droppage in the past with vert pouches)
Interal elastic belt
Internal Pockets
Cordura Omnipat (Not the full coverage vest, but Omnipart codura in place of the normal mesh on a Broadsword.

Custom requests
1) Radio holster on the rear of the left shoulder. Easy enough to do.
2)Vertical 2-pod Interlock pouches for the front (I now know why they are not offered as stock items).
3)A second internal elastic belt across the chest to keep the air tank secure.

After putting my phone order in (and getting some serious questions about sanity about the second belt, apparently that was a first for the soft goods guys) and wating my requisite 3-5 weeks it finally arrives. After gettting it out of the box I took a good hard look at it....

Wow, DO NOT DODGE THE FILTERS! shiny cool awesome!!! After taking a few minutes to recover my breath and being rendered speechless, I started in picking apart the vest peice by peice.

Of all the standard options, by and large they were what I was expecting to get. Being full codura instead of mesh, heat's been an issue ( I was doing target practice on 76 degree day and not exerting myself and was still sweating a bit underneath). The integrated sling optionis nice, the weight of the marker pulling on the straps actually balances the entire load of the vest better, downside is gettting to the clips can be a pain if your not the most flexible. Internal pockets are great, but can only take slim items like maps and allen wrenches. anything bulkier you'll end up using the external pockets.

My one disspappointment was with the padded shoulders. At first, I thought they had forgotten in it, but feeling around I finally located where it was at. The paddings not strictly on the shoulders, it wraps around the back of the neck, and it's on the thin side to say the least. I was expecting like 1/2 of Neoprene, it feels like 1/8 of foam. I haven't tried a full frontal load on it though, so I haven't seen its full effect which is what I suspect its acutally for.

My one above expectations was the side straps. On the stock vests they are on the long side and dangle quite a bit. SO had sewn little velcro wraps to all 6 side straps as a strap keeper. Works like a champ and definitly cleans up the look of the vest. Quite unexpected too, so a nifty little side bonus to say the least.

As for the custom stuff, the radio holster was simply a standard one sewn on the back of the shoulder ala SWAT style.

The Vertical Interlock 2-pod pouches work, but there was a bit more slop to their movement than I was hoping for. To be completely fair, I was forewarned that would most likely be the case when I ordered so not a screwup on SO's part, just simple physics menas they will move quite a bit. One bonus though, they make real handy elbow rests for steady shooting if you got pods in them. Who need's somethign to shoot off of?

The second elastic belt was the real gem and worked wildly past what I was expecting. To put it bluntly, it DO NOT DODGE THE SWEAR FILTERS Warning Issued rocks!! SO vests were pretty solid to egin with, adding that chest elastic belt elimates things shifting around. I put a full load ofpods and air in, both front and back., and then jumped up and down a lot, sat down, squated, flopped on the ground and did the belly crawl, etc. Stood up, dusted off. Nothing had moved at all, period. No tugging the vest down, no wiggling the vest a bit left or right, I mean no adjustments were needed at all. If your thinking about getting a custom vest, I CAN NOT RECOMMENED GETTING A SECOND BELT ENOUGH!!

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Posted 08 May 2008 - 08:28 PM

Nice review, make sure you read the forum rules HERE and you will understand why you have had your thread edited!
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