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Post icon  Posted 10 November 2004 - 04:06 PM

Hey guys, Just got my 2004 Planet Eclipse Directors Cut 2 Autococker this past tuesday. I must say that it is very nice. the new E2 trigger feels really light and springy and is a dream to walk. The new SHAFT barrel system is pretty nice as well. I'll need to look in to a few different back for the marker if PE will be making them in the Dusted Platinum color. I just got the marker on Tuesday and hadn't had the chance to really get in and adjust the trigger....

Out of the box the marker is quite impressive. It seems to be a little lighter in weight than the 2003 NEXUS Signature cocker (i also had one of them) and just awesome milling. the most noticeable feature is the new trigger shape. since selling the Nexus signature cocker in anticipation of the DC2 I purchased a WGP Karni. picking up the DC2 was a familiar event.. the feel of the marker was nearly exactly the same as the Nexus, it was nice and comfy. The new grips on the E2 took a little getting use to but when wearing gloves you barely feel the difference. I think a lot of this has to do with having used the original Eblade grips for so long. I'm not sure how I feel about the graphics behind the Planet Eclipse logo on the side jewels but it'll probably grow on me. I was a little disappointed with the dusted finish, now before you get all bent about that comment, the images on the PE site make the Platinum version look almost chrome, I was hoping to add some BLING to the STING of the balls that chased my opponents although I was looking for more bling the dusted finish will do just fine. The Shaft barrel is milled perfectly to match the body of the DC2 and the reverse threading on the tips and backs address the problem that many of us had trying to remove the barrels at the end of the day (secured barrels were tough to remove with paint residue on your hands). The ano'd to match ASA and micro drop are very nice. no need to spend another $50 on an ASA rail/drop system. The only thing that needs to be fixed on the ASA (on/off) is to make the knob so it does not "BACK OUT" on it's own. after play on tuesday the knob backed it self out while i was packing up and i've already lost the knob.... I've seen some ON/OFF's with knobs that stopped when it got to a certian point. this would be a good feature on this marker since the ASA is anno'd to match and may be difficult to replace.

The marker functioned just as good if not better than the Nexus Signature cocker I had previously. Smooth, fast, accurate, and sexy! the shaft barrel was great even with a poor paint to barrel match. I got to shoot about 2000 rounds Tuesday night with no trigger adjustments and no break in time for the Reg. at 250fps (indoor velocity) I was able to hit a target about 75 feet away dead on, almost ball on ball. After I have some time to break in the reg, shoot at a normal Velocity, and get a better paint to barrel match I'll post more info on the accuracy of the barrel and consistency of the marker. The E2 is really the greatest upgrade for the Autococker since the E1 lol... The LCD screen on the back is unreal and easy to read. a great improvement over the LED screen on the E1. There is also a Kit you can buy to download "custom" graphics to the grip to show your team's logo, I've yet to find it but when I do rest assured I will be getting one! The switch buttons on the grip seem easier to push and require less pressure to make selections. The Training mode is key. It allows you to tune/set up your trigger and marker without shooting air.. what does this mean to you the user? well it means that at 1am the night before a tourney and you're still tuning your marker the neighbors will not be yelling at you to stop shooting lol... the ROF counter is really nice as well. i tend to leave it on this setting.. it's nice to be able to see what you are pulling at any given time. I haven't had the chance to open up the grip to see what setting it's on but if it is set as the E2 manual says from the factory it should be on the Factory fast setting, with this setting it has just a little bounce. I had a number of players at the field on Tuesday try to get it to bounce and only a few were able to get it to bounce and usually one or two shots at a time. The New Trigger shape is SOOO much better than the E1, Samurai, or STO karni trigger. again, out of the box I can walk the DC2 faster than the Karni even with a ton of trigger adjustments done to it. I think the shape has a lot to do with it. the trigger also feels lighter and springier (sp) than the other triggers mentioned. I always felt that the hump/fang in the Karni trigger got in the way. The game timer has a new feature or two, the most noticeable is that it has an ALARM. I haven't set it yet but I'm assuming that it beeps or something. Battery consumption on the E2 is great. I put a fresh battery in the E1 on the Karni and a fresh battery on the E2 on the DC2 and shot about 2000 rounds on each Tuesday night. the DC2 also had a good number of "shots" with no paint just to get the feel for the trigger. total on the grip so far is around 4000 shots. i checked the battery status on both markers today and the Karni is FLAT and the DC2 has only one bar gone!!! GREAT JOB PE!!! FINALLY BETTER BATTERY LIFE!!!!! Awesome job PE! The nexus internals as always performed great! everything went smoothly and like a dream.

When I have some more mileage on the marker I will post up some more info on it. So far I'm quite impressed with the marker. it has all of the great features I loved about my 2003 Planet Eclipse Nexus Signature cocker and most of the things I wanted upgraded.

I like the Directors Cut 2 better than all of the other cockers i've owned (2002 and 2003 Ebladed orracles, 2003 Nexus, and 2004 STO Karni) and highly recomend it if you are looking for a highend cocker and it's in your budget.

Great job on another great autococker Planet Eclipse!

Images (click the photos for a larger image & click the link for more photos!):
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Posted 10 November 2004 - 04:36 PM

That is a beatiful marker. I wish I could afford one. Definitely keep us posted on how it performs after the break in.

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Posted 10 November 2004 - 06:03 PM

I am not a cocker guy myself but I must say that get's me a little moist...

I might have to look into a karni if they come out with an e2.
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