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Mil-Sim T168 intinsified illumination scope

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Posted 07 February 2006 - 09:27 PM

This scope just arrived at my door step yester day and boy am I glad I did. Here's my review.

One of the thing I like most about this particularscope is that its intensified. This means that there is a light in the scope in which if you turn on, the crosshars go red. This may not seem very important but during late in the afternoon play can be very helpful. That along with dark targets (EX. black mask)

Another good thing about his scope it that it is a long range scope, this can help with your spotting skills and long range accuracy.

Being a long range scope can also be a bad. Knowing that the ballstics power of a paintball gun is incredably smaller than that of a rifle. What I'm trying to say if that you wont be making any 100 yard shots with this thing due to the power of a paintball gun.

This scope comes with 2 mounts, I'm to lazy to tell you the exact kind of mount. But it can fit your A-5 and BT.

The problem I had with this scope is that you cant put it on your gun with the normal A-5 hopper on it. you'll have to buy a stove top hopper. For the scope is too long to fit. Tough luck.

This is something that you'll have to deal with for all high powered scopes. Zeroing out your scope. This means you'll have to adjust your crosshair to were your paintball averagely hits. This isn't as easy as you think. It can take up to 2 hours.

A good abou this scope id that it comes with protective (removable) caps on the front and back of the scope. So no more scratchy lenses. And makes cleaning a piece of cake.

Overall I found this scope incredably useful but these lil problem can become a major pain in the a**. But past these lil problems, I give it a 8.5/10
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Posted 25 June 2006 - 09:25 AM

thanks for the review, i'm glad i found it, i've been thinking about buying one of these, but i'm not sure whether i should or not, i definately need to get one for my second gun. But thanks again.
P.S. how much did it cost you? And was it completely worth the money?
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