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Lucky Ion Stage 4 with SP noid Called the "Spitfire"

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Posted 22 August 2006 - 12:14 AM

For those of you unfamiliar with the board, Lucky has created the new Spitfire. 3 versions are going to be available:
1. Board only/no noid $79.00 http://www.buyluckyp...t/Detail?no=194
2. Smart Parts noid $99.99 http://www.buyluckyp...t/Detail?no=195
3. MAC noid. $119.00 http://www.buyluckyp...t/Detail?no=196

Posted Image
Posted Image

Manual here - http://www.lucky-pai...ionspitfire.pdf

Membrane pad adapter here - $3.95 http://www.buyluckyp...t/Detail?no=210

The MAC noid will NOT be available as a "buy alone" product.

NOTE: This particular MAC noid is NOT the same noid YDNA checked a while back. This noid was redesigned by MAC at the request of Lucky (Aaron). There was a lot of poo pooing on Nation about this noid because they were going off YDNA's testing on another MAC but this noid's completely different. There was also some 'smack-talk' about the absence of some other boards in the comparison chart. The answer to that was "well that's because they aren't out yet." I take them at their word but I'd still like to see them included in a side-by-side chart just the same. There was also alot of nay-saying about the eye logic. Since I'm not a tech-weenie, I can't say anything about it but read below and decide for yourself. It's 5 times the flow of a SP noid, has metal barbs, opens and closes faster, should require less cleaning maintenance and cycles around 121 CPS. OH...and the MAC noid just 'plugs' into the board...no soldering.

Just to give you an idea of my set up...Stage 5 body kit, stock frame, Clippard QEV, CP Long reg, CP roller trigger, full Freak kit, LBM V2 bolt, TBoard (now Spitfire), Dye membrane pad, Lucky eyez, NDZ detents, Trinity on/off Z Egg. PSI was 165 @ 280 fps and dwell of 19.5ms (TBoard).

I just received the SP-noided, pre-release board for Beta testing. I received the box and it was sealed in a reddish plastic bag and wrapped in bubble wrap. Under that was a tri-folded sheet of 8.5"x11" paper, printed on both sides. It's the manual provided in the link above. Included in the box was a set of hoses.
Upon removing it, I immediately noticed that there were no barbs on the solenoid head so I had to swap the ones from my TBoard noid to the Spitfire. -.- but no biggie. I removed the old tubes and installed the new ones. No problems.

Now historically speaking, my Version A TBoard has always been a pain getting it in and out of the frame (super tight fit). The Spitfire is not. It slides in nicely...not too tight and not loose. I have a Dye membrane pad installed but it does NOT link to the board because it's a different socket, however Lucky has designed the adapter for it and the link is posted above.

I use 220 mAh NiMh batteries in all my stuff. I installed the battery, eyes and a single touch (sort of a "BAM!" thing going on :wink: ) of the power button and the board lit right up. I shook the marker up and down, side to side to see if it would shift any. Nope. I turned off the eyes and hooked up air.

I kept the default settings intact and gassed her up. Dry firing...omg. It's fast. I ripped off about 1000 psi just to get a feel for her. Wow. I got yelled at by the wife for shooting in the house at 1130 Pm....lol. I put her away for 2 days.

Sunday (8/20) I had off from work and decided to play around with it a bit. I opened up the manual page and looked how to change the modes. Everything is changed by the use of 3 (out of the 4) dip switches and by toggling the trigger. I set it on 'training' mode (1/2 dwell) and ripped off a bunch of shots. It's fast and pretty quiet. I put it into "demo mode" (full cycle but "safety"...won't shoot with paint) and still...omg fast. Remember, this is while it's at default settings...

Curious, I threw on my ZEgg II (Vlocity should be here in a few days) and 2 pods of paint. I used Hurricane and had a good insert match. Out to the yard I went with my "Shooting Chrony" Chronograph (for firearms) and set up...110psi at 285 fps. I cannot fathom why such a drastic change from the TBoard's psi to this one's. I'm still stumped. Ok, so I'm chrono'd and just let it fly on uncapped semi. Good Christ...

Modes are modes..NPPL, CFOA, PSP, NXL...they are all the same from board to board but even in semi - it never skipped a beat and I never chopped...even with ramping set to 30bps and the Zegg (+/- 22bps??). The Spitfire has some kind of "compensating" eye logic that I don't quite fully understand but I'll tell you what...I'm sold that it works.

I know of another person who got a MAC noid version and got 35 cps on Demo mode. Here is the link with his Goldwave-type graph on Ion Owners....


All I can say is wow...I'm very impressed with this board, even with the SP noid. I wish I had the MAC noid to review but I think Hacker's review says enough.

I have not done any manipulating of the dwell/eye settings yet because I ran out of air but according to Lucky Tech on Nation, they have achieved dwells as low as 8ms on STOCK ions during testing (MAC noids).

If you want a ripping board...try it out. I'd say go with the MAC noid myself but the SP noid is just amazing on it's own (on this board).

Edit: I wish I could video the thing but I only have a still camera. Hacker said he was going to post a video, I'd watch for him to do that.

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Posted 25 August 2006 - 08:24 AM

Nice review. I personally chose the Tadao board, but it seems liek lucky came out with a nother good product.

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Posted 06 October 2006 - 06:02 PM

I have the V-board (aka ****** board) and I have no complaints... just so I know, what's the big advantage of "training mode?"
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Posted 15 October 2006 - 11:57 AM

View PostMurderDeathKill, on Oct 6 2006, 09:02 PM, said:

I have the V-board (aka ****** board) and I have no complaints... just so I know, what's the big advantage of "training mode?"

T-Board has this now too. It cycles the bolt, at least partially, but uses way less air. If you're training your trigger finger, it's great and provides feedback, unlike simply tapping away without gassing up the gun.


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