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Empire Contact SN pants and jersey! (pics too) review on maybe the best pants and jersey out there

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Post icon  Posted 27 November 2008 - 03:46 PM

I got the white Empire Contact SN pants and white Empire Contact SN jersey a little over week ago and i played in them yesterday. i was very impressed.

(i accidently posted this on the wrong thread on the 24 so mods don't kill me please)


very very durable. i slid across gravel and they were just fine. my legs were unharmed. the knees are really flexible however they along with the rest of the shin are covered in an almost kevlar-like material for protection. the hip area and butt area are heavily padded so you dont end up limping off the field. also, the groin is padded, so you dont end up in the fetal position crying when you get shot there.

special features
-micro fiber cloth in the right pocket thats attached to a nylon cord so it is never lost, but can clean off your mask.
-neoprene (plastic-like material) covered zippers so the zipper itself stays clean and unjammed as well as the contents in the pocket.
-it has belt loops just in case you need some extra support.
-very light and breathable
-looks great


im equally impressed with the SN jersey. the elbows are heavily padded so your not getting them bruised and cut up on your elbows are forearms. the cuffs on the arm have thumbholes in them so they sleeves dont ride up your arm when you superman into a bunker, not only do they keep your jersey in place and protect your wrist, but they are also made of microfiber so you can clean splatter off you your goggles. the material of the torso of the jersey is also very breathable and stretchy so your not fighting to rotate. finally, i got my name, and number custom embroidered on the back of my jersey. the lettering looks great. the letters themselves are made of a plastic-like material thats pretty sturdy however its not sewn in. but seriously, you shouldn't be crawling around on your back all too much during a game so i doubt it really matters if its sewn in.

special features
-heavily padded elbow and forearms
-very breathable
-arm cuffs have thumbholes in them
-arm cuffs are made of microfiber
-torso is stretchy
-custom embroidering is good
-looks great

heres the microfiber cuff
Posted Image

here's the back of the jersey and pants + the embroidering
Posted Image

here's the front of the jersey and part of the pants
Posted Image

now for all you die-hard woodsballers out there who only want things that will blend in the green, SN makes olive pants and jerseys for you with the same perks that my pants and jersey have

any questions/comments, message me!
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Posted 27 November 2008 - 05:55 PM

Good review. I use React SS at the moment.

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Posted 15 December 2008 - 11:39 PM

Eh, I still say that gear is going to look terrible after 6 months of use. Paint, Dirt and all.
I got the LTD Pinstripe pants. Very similar to the SN's, but they have a zipper on the inside of the leg, up to about mid-calf.
This is the sole (soul?) reason I bought them over the plain SN's. $25, but it gives much easier access to knee pads that shift around when you're sliding and kneeling for 10 minutes straight.
Also, I liked the pinstripe design much more ;)

I've only gotten to play in my LTD's once as well. Toys for Tots tournament this weekend, 3-man format.
Played 9 games on a grass/dirt field. Ground was hard because it was pretty cold, but the hip sliders worked fine.
The build in Microfiber is great. Cleans your mask right off and you don't have to worry about losing it since it's attached with pretty strong elastic (However, you can't slingshot a paintball very well with the elastic...)

I tried the C9 pants and Proto 9 pants before I settled on these. I can't see myself getting a new pair of pants until these have worn out, and judging by the quality that will be a while.

10 of 10. Now I just need the Grind pads and Pinstripe jersey.
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Posted 05 May 2009 - 06:53 AM

View PostHOTCH, on Nov 27 2008, 06:46 PM, said:

now for all you die-hard woodsballers out there who only want things that will blend in the green, SN makes olive pants and jerseys for you with the same perks that my pants and jersey have

Be careful! I am a die-woodsballer and my team and I rock out the same pants and same color you have. Our colors are acutally black/white. Just because you play woodsball doesnt mean you have to wear everything to try to blend in. We rely more on skill rather than our ability to sneak around. "I dont say that to down grade any woodsballers skill. We are just great at what we do."

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Posted 28 March 2010 - 09:05 PM

empire has some good stuff, nice review!

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