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Commando paintball just north of Greenbay, Wisconsin Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 17 October 2009 - 09:47 PM


My praise and my complaints follow, turn back now if ye be a man of small wit or unable to follow obscure references of metaphores that seem misleading. "its would be like not undertanding that the mime is trapped in a box and cant yell for help"

so Commando paintball north of greenbay, the absolute short and will save you the time of my ramblings is: its ok.

after the almost begging of some friends who have attend their september event, simply called 'Big Game' i joined them on this years travels. Now i live in Michigan a mere 17 miles from the Central time zone border on the shores of Lake Michigan. any of you that have seen a map know where im talking about.
first big plus for me was the travel, which i slept through both ways, it was only 2.5 hours and that was only because of construction. (THE ROAD WAS FINE, WHY DO YOU HAVE TO MESS IT UP!!) the event was $25 byop, let me spell that out for you, b, y, o, p. really how many places do that on an event the call 'big game' the format was a casual as it could be, two teams decided just before the game started, simply stand on side of the field and try to keep numbers even. get shot, walk off, make sure your ok, then go back out. points, every 30 minutes a flag count was done, 50pt per flag 5 flags on the field then one 45 minute count that was worth 100pt.

the day started early, then progressed as time flows. It started with about 22 players, so 11vs 11 team super awesome (thats what im calling my side) seemed stacked once we actually hit the field, the 6 of us that drove down together were in full vest/harness setup lots-o-fullauto (which was allowed) ... well lets put it like this, i was the lightest loaded with semiauto and only 5 pods and 4 nades. plus our side had an ex marine and his bud, and i mean recent ex marine kid had to be younger than me and looked a hell of alot better too, his bud, and three younger players that have actually played this field. first 3 hours we kept them at our mercy, i mean really team super awesome was that, freaking unstoppablely amazing and full of high fructose corn syrup.

come noone time more players showed up. guess the high count for the day was 45ish, the second half of the day was a bit more even in fact TSA ended up losing by 50 points but thats ok.

now to randomly jump in conversation, (that is what i do) lets get to my complaints about this field, mind you they are minor.
1- clean up the field, serioulsy, i kept getting caught up in this orange rope that was only god knows how long but i did encircle the castle by the end of the day and lots of slack
2- more refs please, granted the few they had did truely kick thigh (its a pg forum people)
3- mark the back boundries, if it wasnt for the kid that knew the place id probally end up in someones back yard eating their bbq
4- make the brand of paint your selling known, decent stuff but no clue what it was and almost curious enough to want to call and ask
5- dont over kooc the hotdogs, when you do it makes me spell backwards
6- get a better web guy, the game was sept 13 but web listed as the 14. a monday

most of these probally will be fixed soon since this was the first year at the new location, didnt i mention that, probally should have.

so its a decent smaller field that a hellsurvivors veteran like me welcomes from time to time and if you are growing into the sport its a good field to get used to the different obstacles and has soom great ole timers that are wonderful with the inexperienced, wanna say the names were John an Gary? could be wrong probally am but those ghezers where wonderful to have on the other side.
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Glory is for the weak.

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