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Trilogy SF Actuates--But Fails to Fire?!? Regulator Problem? Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 04 May 2009 - 03:23 AM

I have an WGP Autococker Trilogy SF Tactical that will shoot only sporadically. It fires fine up to 18bps and can sustain that without a problem. I oil it before i play (i use co2), i put the bolt in correct way, and it doesn't seem like the regulator is getting too cold. I've tried a new 9v battery, different loader, paint, dry fire, eyes and no eyes. I've tried to tighten the lug with a 1/8 allen wrench but ti seems to neither tighten it or loosen it. I have the recocking thing on the back tighten in that the back block bounces off of.

The issue doesn't happen during any certain time when i use it, but when it does the electronics sound like they actuate--but the gun doesn't fire or make any noise other than that. Sometimes if i keep clicking away at the trigger it will shoot but often i have to unscrew the co2 tank, hold back the bolt all the way and empty the regulator of co2. The gun also is maxing out at 220fps and i can't adjust the velocity with the correct size allen wrench anymore.

I think the problem may be the regulator, but since this marker is "remanufactored" from action village i'm not sure what was originally wrong with it and it is past their 90 warranty on it. Please help because i love my cocker when it shoots but it's been to much of a p.i.t.a. for me to use it in a game with it's unreliable shotting. If you have any questions that would help clarify my problem or tips and hints that be great!

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Posted 04 May 2009 - 08:43 PM

Check your hammer lug depth. Try turning it out until it is barely resting on the sear. Lots of times the lug is too deep, and the sear can't let go. If it's the pneumatics that aren't working right, try increasing the LPR pressure very, very slightly. I have to recommend a PPS Rock for an LPR replacement, followed by a PPS Fatty Stabilizer for an HP Regulator replacement.

Could you be more specific on the problem? Does the front end actuate, but the valve just never opens to shoot? Does the front end not actuate? Trilogies can't have much else go wrong... so if the hammer lug adjustment doesn't work, it's a regulator problem. Palmer's regs are great.

As far as low velocity, pick up a CP .685" bore barrel. It should prevent rollouts, and rollouts are a common cause of low velocity.
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