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Tadao Yakuza Control board for the Autococker Eblade

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Posted 23 November 2008 - 10:50 PM

This is a quick review of the Tadao Yakuza control circuit board for the Autococker Eblade.

Before I begin, I'd just like to say that this is easily the best Autococker board available. If you're debating whether to buy one, you need read no further, because the answer is yes.

On most other Eblade style board I've used, you need to open the right side grip to get to the programming menu. Not with the Yakuza. Hold the trigger down and turn the board on: you're in programming mode. Need the tournament lock? Program the board to whatever rules apply, then open the grip and tap the tourney lock button. That locks you out of programming until you tap the button again

There are so many set points on this board that it's astonishing. The amount of adjustability lends itself perfectly to the nature of the Autococker. Chances are if you're considering the Yakuza, you've probably got some customization to your Cocker. I promise that the Tadao is capable of accommodating your mods, with the only possible exception being if you happen to be blessed enough to own something like either a K&P Customs Ma-Deuce-A or one of Doc Nickel's Vee Twins. But barring a double Cocker (due to the requirement for two sets of eyes), the Yakuza can accommodate your customizations. Literally everything is capable of being tweaked. For example, there are ten (or so) firing modes. Each of those modes is adjustable, many of them on multiple points.

The programming is top notch. Trigger recognition is fantastic, as is the eye logic. The eyes (when using reflective eyes, at least) are adjustable for the color paint you're using. The board even uses the eye to recognize where the bolt is because it can tell the difference between the bolt and a paintball (it needs a little initial input from you here, but it's simple to do). There is even an adjustment for mQ users that allows for anti bolt stick.

Now you may worry that all these set points is going to make it confusing, but it's pretty self explanatory. Anything that isn't immediately apparent is explained very coherently in the manual. And you don't even have to worry about messing up your settings, because there are three profiles that can be permanently saved and loaded to and from the board's internal memory. Got different settings for different fields or styles of play? Just load one of your saved profiles.

And then there's the OLED display. After having dealt with the blinking LED on Tippmanns and the T-board, any display is nice. But this OLED display is like the HD of paintball screens. It's viewable in the sun, doesn't chew through the battery, and is downright sexy to look at.

Bottom line: if you can afford it, this is the ultimate electronic backbone for your custom Cocker. The question is not whether or not you should get it, but how many you should buy. I don't usually do rave reviews, but this one really deserves it.

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