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Posted 31 May 2009 - 07:00 AM

Alright fellas, I noticed that the hopper section is lacking when it comes to reviews so I thought I would post my thoughts on the Ricochet 2K hopper. This is my first review ever, but I'm going to do my best to try to cover all of the rudimentary areas. If I leave something out, just let me know.

Ok, so some of you may be familiar with Ricochet's product line. From what I understand the the Ricochet Apache is a rather popular hopper amongst those who use this brand. The Ricochet 2K (no longer being produced by the manufactures, I believe) is a very sleek hopper, but if you're looking for a low-profile hopper I wouldn't recommend it. The Ricochet 2K is a very tall hopper. Now let me remind you that this is the first electronic hopper I have ever purchased, so there isn't much that I compare it to, but compared to the standard Tippmann 98C hopper or even the Cyclone Feeder with the A5 loader, this hopper is big.

The second thing that I don't really like about it, and this has been common throughout all of the reviews I have read, is that the ball counter is far from being accurate. Which, to be honest, that isn't really that big of a deal. The countdown timer that's built in is nice if you don't have a timer for your mask, though. Which really played a big part in my decision to buy this hopper. It looked cool, it was electronic, and it had a timer; woohoo! >_>;

Also, since I'm already discussing the cons of this hopper, I should point out that the feeder can be very loud. Or maybe it's the agitator... Whatever you call the part that spins the balls around to prevent jams. If you're trying to sneak through the woods, and you shift your marker in any direction drastically, you run the risk of the feeder agitating through the balls (I blame the ball counter, because I think that's what causes the problem). So don't expect to sneak up on the other team like the deadly assassin I know you love to be, unless the dude is either deaf or you happen to be flanking while your teammates lay down some cover fire.

Apart from those few little details, though, for the price the Ricochet 2K hopper really *isn't* that bad of a hopper. I think I spent... $25.00 on it on Ebay (I can't remember if that included shipping or not), which is really cheap for an electronic hopper. Not to mention that the first game I tested it in was an 8 hr long scenario event, and I did not have a single break by the end of the day. Which was a huge plus for me, since my Tippmann 98c doesn't have the A.C.T feature.

So, there you have it. My first eva review! If I left anything out that you would like to know, just, er, let me know.

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