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Empire E-Vents

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Posted 14 March 2007 - 02:33 PM

Review I did for The Nucleus

The Empire E-Vents were released back in the summer of 2006 and have become very popular throughout the paintball community. With players putting more and more emphasis on their masks, the E-Vents may be the precise mask you have been looking for. I have found it to be one of the better if not the best mask Iíve worn.

Vision seems to be the first thing players look for in a mask, and the E-Vents do not disappoint in this category. As expected from any high-end mask, the vision of this mask is superb, from the truly excellent peripheral vision to the strong lens quality. The lens system utilizes a double pane system providing excellent protection from fog in all sorts of weather conditions. Removing the lens isnít as fast as some masks Iíve had experience with, but still fast nonetheless. Simply pull a tab off a tab, turn the earpieces, pop out the ďEmpireĒ logo tabs, repeat for the other side and the lens removal is completed. The way in which the lens is placed in the nosepiece assures that no paint can find its way up into your lens thus damaging it.
The mask itself is rather flexible throughout making it incredibly comfortable to wear and whether you agree with the concept or not, provides many bounces as well. It sits very close to the face, making you an even smaller target to shoot at, but at the same time it allows exceptional breath-ability, hence the name. In exchange for the low profile you get in this mask, be aware that your jaw is exposed, while very slight, still exposed, so for the weak, look away. While not really considered much in masks, the E-Vents are a very light mask, allowing a much more comfortable feel. Looks are entirely preference, but Iíve found these masks to be some of the more appealing looking masks on the market. With more and more people using chinstraps, some people may be disappointed in its lack of one, but this mask system fits snuggly on the player.
The nearly $100.00 price tag may scare some people away, but you pay for what you get. Along with the mask, it comes with an extra clear lens with the smoke lens already installed, a flexible visor and brow shield, also including a micro fiber lens bag and micro fiber goggle bag. I was surprised and impressed by the excellent packaging it came in, a very durable plastic case, not some flimsy box that other masks come in. This assures that your mask will be in excellent condition in the shipping process. Definitely bargain considering that with most other masks, all you pay for is the mask and maybe a visor.
I would highly recommend this mask to anyone in the market and for one who isnít scared to pay a little extra for excellent quality. I am now a real fan of the E-Vents after taking a leap of faith with Empire. Be assured that you will be buying one of the best masks on the market, so go to your local shop and pick up a pair for yourself.

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