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Posted 05 May 2008 - 11:26 AM

First off..here they are..in BLOOD red hehe

I recieved these as a trial (btw a BIG Thank You to Invictus of X7OG and E-Tippmann.com) to test them out for E-Tippmann. At the time I had the TechT Squishy Paddles installed in my A5. I was very curious to get my hands on these to review/test them. And since reviews is what we do, I thankfully got a pair of Wargears for free to trail :laugh:

Now that we're all up to speed, heres the review.

I got a chance to test these 100% at a large scenario game 2 weeks ago. Now please note, I do not have a E-grip or RT on my A5, so I was basically shooting as fast as I could pull the trigger.

Before the installation I took the Techt Paddles out and compared the "softness" or "squishyness" if you will. At first touch, the TechT's "feel" much softer. However this is due to the difference in material that the paddles are made of. I do think that the Wargear paddles are just a tad on the softer side than the TechT paddles. Wargear has also came out with blue "super soft" paddles, primaraly for those of us (like me) who dont have E-grips or RTs. Something that TechT didnt have.

Softness/Squishyness Rating out of 5:
TechT- 4/5
Wargear- 4.3/5

Ball Handling(hehe):
I fired several different types of paint through both paddles. Ranging from the good stuff to stuff thats been sitting on my shelf all winter. Both paddles handled the paint extermely well. No breaks at all. Temperautres varied as well, from about mid 40's to mid 70's with varible humdiity at higher temperatures. And rain.
A teammate has the TechT paddles in his X7 with Egrip. He was able to shoot at both 15 and 22 bps with no chops. We've yet to test the Wargear paddles at high rates of fire. Within my own rights, I think I shoot my A5 pretty fast, not 15bps fast, but Ive been able to get 8-10..shooting the gun a very odd way. Anyway, I ran into a situation at this game that I had to pound the trigger and lay down suppressive fire. Wargear paddles did a great job as well.

Ball Handling Rating out of 5:
TechT- 5/5
Wargear- 5/5

Overall Construction:
Heres where the difference lies. The Wargear paddles are constructed way better than the TechT paddles. Wargear paddles actually "lock" together to prevent and unwanted mis-alignment. The TechT paddles will sometimes come loose and mis-align themselves which is a potential problem. I dont figure it happens often, but Im sure it does. With the locking feature of the Wargear paddles, it prevents this flaw altogether.

Overall Construction Rating out of 5:
TechT - 4/5
Wargear- 5/5

Other comments:
I dont know if its just me but I honestly think the Wargear paddles are much smoother sliding in the cyclone. It just feels like theres a lot less friction between the paddle and the cyclone body. This could be because the nylon washer you install before hand, but it just feels way better.

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Posted 05 May 2008 - 11:41 AM

nice review. can't wait to throw them in my gun and give them a try at 22+ BPS.

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Posted 22 August 2008 - 03:19 PM

i have these, they are amazing..
if you have cyclone problems here is you're answer..
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