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Redz Pepper Stick Imp and 98 Threads Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 01 September 2005 - 12:02 PM

All in all the Redz Pepper Stick is a great barrel. From our test we have come up with the results from a 98 and an Ion on how these barrels shoot. We got to test the barrels thourghly before they came on the market. The difference between this barrel and all other barrels is the honing, many barrels have a circular honing if you look closely inside, which causes friction on the ball and slow the ball and makes you use more air to get the speed up. The Pepper Stick has a new type of honing that is straight, but it is not rifled, smooth and honed straight, making less friction between the ball and the barrel, for better straighter shots.The barrels will probably go for 65-70 dollars, but we got yours heavily discounted, for testing and writing reveiws.

98 Custom and Impulse Thread

Close grouping around 4" with ten shots and no strays

Close grouping around 4 1/2" with ten shots and no strays

Close grouping around 5"-6" with ten shots and one stray shot

A good grouping around 8"-12" with ten shots and three stray shots

This is a great barrel for the 98, but one flaw came up is that the barrel and the bolt have issues, and you have to get the barrel milled a little so the bolt does not get caught in the barrel. It has to be milled around a 1/2" from the threads because the bolt goes into the barrel and catches if not dripping in oil. Drop off starts around 55'. For the Ion running speedball speed of 300 fps, drop off at around 70'. The strays shots were do to reg drop off, but the 98 had no drop off and was good the whole way through.

Close Grouping
Light Barrel (well balanced with a stock and full hopper)
Deadly accuarcy at close range
Two Piece
Straight Honing
Good Porting
Looks Good

A Little Louder for the Ion
Milling for the 98 Barrel
Loose if you don't have the right O-ring (Beafy o-ring like the one on a stock 98 barrel, the stock barrel was good for something)

I personally like the barrel and it is probably the best I have ever shot with the 98 Custom and that comes for shooting JJ Cermic, Evil, War Pig, Tippmann Flatline, BT Apex, CP, Dye, and others. For the Ion there are better barrels for example Warped Sportz Lucky 15 kit, Smart Parts Freak kit, and Empire kits.
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