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Posted 24 November 2004 - 10:42 AM

Hi guys, thought I would review my newest marker. Its my Rap17 EX !!! It is a realistic 1:1 scale copy of a Glock pistol. It is blow back and uses 12 gram co2 cartridges. It fires .43 caliber paintballs like the Rap4 LE marker, but does not use shell casings. This baby is very nice and looks better in person than any of the other pics I have seen of it. This thing is so realistic looking, I love it, it feels very strong and durable. It has the copper lined enhanced barrel. The guns finish is very nice, just check out my pics.

Everything out of the box
Posted Image

Slide back
Posted Image

Here is the review of the actual firing of the marker. I made it out to walmart and bought some 12 grams. I got home and loaded up a mag and put in a 12 gram and fired away.

Range and Accuracy
This marker rocks, I'm getting 50-60ft accurately and thats on the stock velocity setting. And Im able to hit a 4 inch wide fence post at that distance about 7 out of 10 times. I cranked up the velocity to the max to see if I could get any more distance. No ,but I could tell that it was shooting harder. The sound of the paintballs smacking the fencepost is alot harder. I wish I had a chrono to see how hard its shooting. Keep in mind this is a pistol and will not have the range of the rifle markers. Thats probably why when I turned up the velocity all the way no range was gained. The barrel on pistols are too short to fire that far, even with all the FPS in the world.

I know this has been somewhat of a concern after some of the problems with some of the first rap17's. But it seems the EX is perfect. Keep in mind just like with the Rap4 LE, this is the 3rd version of the rap17, with many improvements, it seems the got this one just right. I never owned any of the other rap17's, but I have fired off over 300 rounds on my glock with no problem. Also I get 50+ shots off a 12 gram easy. I have gotten 7 mags off one 12gram, but the last mag and a half had to be recocked after every fire. If the power is too low than it wont recock. Never had a single problem. Not a ball break a jam or anything.

Overall Impression
I love it, its well built, looks very nice, and seems to be a great performer. The velocity adjustment is very easy. No taking the marker apart like the rap4. It built into the back of the pistol grip. So just insert the allen wrench there and turn, and presto, you changed the velocity. The enhanced barrel with copper lining is a perfect match for the rap4/nelson paint on the rap17, just like the rap4 Le markers enhanced barrel. The mags are steel and very strong and it will fit 10 paintballs. I recommend this marker to anyone looking for a pistol as a backup marker, or even if you just want a pistol. The nice thing is it is not too bulky like the armotech zeus pistols. I give this marker a 10 out of 10. These markers can be found at www.rap4.com .

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